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Breathing for Life
Body, breath and mind are interrelated and breathing properly is conducive to health and well-being. Proper breathing alleviates anxiety, improves sleep, circulation and immune system functioning and calms and relaxes the mind. Bring a blanket, and dress comfortably for an exploration of the mechanics and benefits of natural breathing. This is a great opportunity for an introduction to breathing techniques used in yoga. Learn how to breathe for life!
Wed 6:30-7:30 p.m. Sept 12-26 3 Sessions
Dan Retoff B-216, IVCC HLR-6108-309 $29
Fireplace Lounge

Beginning Yoga
Yoga uses gentle stretching, relaxation and breathing techniques to help you build strength, flexibility and endurance. Come away more relaxed, limber and feeling better! Yoga philosophy and its application to everyday life will be covered. Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes, and athletic shoes. Bring a towel or yoga mat and a sweater.
Wed 6:30-7:45 p.m. Oct 10-Nov 14 6 Sessions
Dan Retoff B-216, IVCC HLR-6101-310 $45
Fireplace Lounge

Food, Mood, Behavior, and Emotional Health
Can what you eat affect your emotions? Scientific research says “YES!” Learn how the ingredients in some of the most popular foods influence how you think, feel, act, and sleep. Explore what school districts across the country are discovering: that they can affect real changes in students by altering the foods that they eat. Research connects food and aggression, poor study habits and school performance, ADD/ADHD, and more. Learn how to make changes in your child’s diet to improve his/her behavior. Examine your own diet to understand the mind-body connection to cravings, depression, stress, and emotions to help you cope with the everyday challenges of life. Kaye Norlin has a M.A. in Behavioral Medicine/Health Psychology. She is also a certified health and wellness coach and has a professional certification in stress management. She was first introduced to yoga, meditation, and breathing techniques at IVCC.
Thu 6-8:30 p.m. Sep 13 1 Session
Kaye Norlin C-325, IVCC HLR-6302-309 $29

Mind-Body Skills for Stress Management
Stress is everywhere in today’s world… Do you know how it is affecting you? Explore the nature of stress and the effects on your health; including causing sleep problems, accelerating aging, and contributing to chronic illness. Minimize stress using relaxation skills; including visualization and guided imagery, diaphragmatic breathing, and a variety of coping strategies that can be used anywhere. Discover the benefits of meditation, diet, exercise, and yoga on enhancing well-being.
Thu 6-8:30 p.m. Oct 4 1 Session
Kaye Norlin C-325, IVCC HLR-6305-310 $29