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Dollars & Sense

It's Decision Time [Understanding Medicare & Medicaid]
Join in an informative and interactive program that will provide you with a better understanding of Medicare and Medicaid. Topics will include Medicare eligibility and enrollment, the benefits of Medicare Parts A and B, the costs that Medicare leaves you to pay and an overview of the standardized Medicare Supplemental Plans in addition to Medicaid “spend-down” requirements. This program is appropriate for people becoming eligible for Medicare, caregivers of people who are on Medicare and current Medicare beneficiaries who would like a refresher course on their benefits.
Tue 6:30-8 p.m. Oct 2-16 3 Sessions
Richard Volker C-325, IVCC HLR-1113-310 $29

Focus on Fixed Income
Whether you are currently working or enjoying retirement, being able to generate income for yourself is becoming more and more important. This course will educate you on how you can utilize your savings and investments to produce an income stream. A variety of investments will be covered including cd’s, government bonds, annuities, and dividend paying stocks/mutual funds. Clint O’Brien has a finance degree from Illinois State University and has earned the Certified Financial Planner designation. He works as a financial advisor in Mendota. Clint is an active board member at the Mendota Golf Course and Mendota Area Chamber of Commerce.
Wed 6-7:30 p.m. Oct 10-24 3 Sessions
Clint O'Brien B-313, IVCC CDV-5012-310 $29

Retirement Reality Check
This class will focus on guiding you for retirement planning. See where you are in regards to meeting your retirement financial goals whether you are close to retirement age or already retired. Class will cover basic understanding of different common investments used before and during retirement such as mutual funds, CDs, stocks, bonds and annuities. Common concerns before and during retirement will also be discussed such as the need for long term care, rising medical costs and inflation.
Mon/Thu 6-7:30 p.m. Oct 1-18 6 Sessions
Helio Ruvalcaba Rm 101 CDV-5011-640 $29
Ottawa Center

Family Matters with Long Term Care
For most people, discussing long-term care is often an uncomfortable topic. However, creating a long-term strategy now may help to protect your family from financial burden in the future. In class, we will learn about common funding options to provide high-quality long-term care, how insurance can play a significant role in helping to preserve your assets, and how you can take control of where and how you receive long-term care services.
Wed 6-8 p.m. Nov 7 1 Session
Clint O'Brien C-326, IVCC CDV-5016-311 $29

AARP Driver Safety Program
The AARP Driver Safety Program is a classroom driver refresher course designed especially for drivers age 50 and over. This program aims to help community members retain their driving competency. Learn driving strategies, understand the effects of aging on driving, reduce the chance of having an accident, and know when to retire from driving. At completion of this course; students will receive a certificate that can be presented to their automobile insurance holder that may entitle them to a discount. Attendance is required both days to receive the certificate at the end of class. There is a $12 fee for AARP members (with AARP membership card); and a $14 fee for non-members payable at class. Please arrive a half-hour early for the first day of class.
Wed/Thu 12-4 p.m. Oct 3-4 2 Sessions
Robert Borla C-316, IVCC SRS-1112-10

Appealing Your Property Taxes
You will learn about the property tax appeal process and the steps required to appeal a tax bill. Learn to read and understand a property tax bill and how it is calculated. Find out about property tax exemptions and how to apply for them.
Tue/Thu 6-8 p.m. Sep 11 & 13 2 Sessions
Sep 11 Rm 103
Sep 13 Rm 105
Robert Perez Ottawa Center CDV-5014-649 $25

Sat 9 a.m.-12 p.m. Sep 15 1 Session
Robert Perez Rm 101 CDV-5014-609 $25
Ottawa Center

Sat 9 a.m.-12 p.m. Sep 29 1 Session
Robert Perez C-325, IVCC CDV-5014-09 $25

So You're Buying Your First Home
Five easy steps to owning a home! All the important steps to home ownership will be covered: the loan process, knowing the housing market, home selection, appraisals, home inspection and the closing. This session is free, but you must register at IVCC.
Tue 6:30-7:30 p.m. Sep 25 1 Session
Tracy Tunnell Rm 101, Ottawa Center CDV-5008-649 Free
Thu 6:30-7:30 p.m. Oct 18 1 Session
Tracy Tunnell C-325, IVCC CDV-5008-310 Free