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Senior Matters

Don't Put Off the Inevitable [Talking to Your Aging Parents]
Are you currently, or will you become, the primary caregiver for your parents as they age? Do you know where your parents want to live when they can no longer safely live where they are now living? Will they move in with you? Are there any health issues that will determine where they can or cannot live? What can they afford? ....and the questions continue! Talking to your parents about their health, where they will live and how they will pay for it can reduce the stress of making quality of life decisions in the midst of crisis without being prepared. These conversations can help avoid several
crises, and will provide you with many more options. This class will give you tools and strategies to talk with your parents about these “tough topics”. It will help you identify which of the 4 biggest mistakes people make in having these conversations and what you can do about it to save time, energy, and money as your parents age and their needs change.
Wed 6-9 p.m. Oct 24 1 Session
Susan Hayward C-316, IVCC HLR-7506-310 $35

Caregivers Thriving! [Caring For Yourself to Better Care for Others]
You may be a primary caregiver by choice or by default. Whatever the reason, caring for a loved one is time consuming, energy-draining,  overwhelming, isolating, emotional and exhausting. Learning to care for yourself is essential to the success of your role as a primary caregiver and your own physical, mental, and emotional health. Take this interactive workshop to identify, prioritize, and create your own self-care plan to re-gain the energy and vibrant health needed to effectively “care give” and live your own life with clarity, focus, and increased ease.
Thu 6-9 p.m. Sep 20 1 Session
Susan Hayward C-316, IVCC HLR-7507-309 $35

Advocate Successfully with Professionals and Family Members
As the primary caregiver for your ill or aging loved one (parents,
spouse, sibling, or child) you will often need to advocate for the
quality of life and care your loved one needs and deserves. Learn to
speak powerfully and without preconceived ideas about what it is
you are able to get with improved advocacy skills. What you learn in
this workshop can be used with family and friends as well as with
professionals and organizations that provide care for your loved one.
As you hone your prioritizing skills, you will see results that change
the quality of life for you as the primary caregiver and for those who
receive your care.
Thu 6-9 p.m. Nov 8 1 Session
Susan Hayward C-325, IVCC HLR-7508-311 $35

Susan Hayward, PCC Susan has a passion for eldercare coaching that came after her own family struggled with the care of her aging parents and she realized that simply by being prepared, the experience can be so much different. Susan is a graduate of Falling Awake Life Coaching School, and is a certified Professional Life Coach. Susan has an extensive background in social service programming.