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Knitting & Jewelry

Learn Double Knitting [Hot Pad Project]
Double-knitting is a form of knitting in which two fabrics are knit simultaneously with two yarns while using one pair of needles: giving you a double thick fabric, with stockinette stitch shown on both sides. Double-knitting allows you to make reversible items. The alternate knit stitch with purl stitch will be the method taught in class. The first class will be a practice class. Bring two contrasting yarns and appropriate size straight needles for your yarn. Practice the double-knitting method. The hot pad pattern and supply list needed for the remaining two sessions will be handed out at the
first class. Learn to read a double-knitting chart so you know when to change colors for each side. The pattern used in this class is a floral design. This class is for advanced beginners.
Tue 6-8 p.m. Oct 16-30 3 Sessions
Doris Streit Rm 103 HLR-2764-410 $35
Princeton High School

Entrelac Knitting
Entrelac is one of the hottest trends in knitting. The technique is workedin small sections that are joined as they are worked. When completed,
entrelac looks like strips of knitting woven together. Composed of triangles and rectangles; entrelac is not much more complicated than knits, purls, picked up stitches, increases and decreases and the resulting fabric looks complex! An entrelac scarf is a good use of left over yarn. You can also use two colors or any number of colors. The choice is yours. This class is for intermediate knitters. Basics of entrelac will be taught and a scarf will be started in class. A supply list will be sent to students prior to class.
Tue 6-8 p.m. Nov 6-13 2 Sessions
Doris Streit Rm 103 HLR-2713-411 $35
Princeton High School

Broomstick Lace Cuff Bracelet
Learn to create Broomstick Lace and go home with a fun fashion cuff bracelet. Broomstick Lace is a crochet stitch that looks complicated but is really quite simple with some knowledge of basic crochet stitches. This class is perfect for all ages and all experience levels. Knowledge of crochet is a plus but even beginners will be able to complete this fantastic fashion accessory during class. All supplies are provided by instructor. There is a $10 material fee payable to instructor at class.
Wed 6-8:30 p.m. Sep 19 1 Session
Theresa Smith Rm 101 HLR-2765-649 $25
Ottawa Center
Wed 6-8:30 p.m. Oct 3 1 Session
Theresa Smith C-326, IVCC HLR-2765-310 $25

Autumn Colors Braided Bracelet
Use a simple braiding technique with nylon-coated wire to make a sparkling crystal bracelet in autumn colors. Bring jewelry-making tools including wire cutters and needle nose or round nose pliers. Previous jewelry making experience is a plus but not required. There is a $15 material fee payable to the instructor the night of class.
Tue 6-8 p.m. Sep 25 1 Session
Carey Burns C-326, IVCC HLR-2757-309 $25

E-Z Peyote Cuff Bracelet
Using off-loom techniques and large cube beads to exaggerate the pattern, you can easily learn even count peyote seed bead stitch to make a beautiful cuff bracelet. With the knowledge learned in class you'll be able move on to more delicate and intricate work using smaller seed beads. Choice of gold, silver or black beads will be available. Information booklet will be included. Bring a pair of sharp scissors to class. There is a $12 material fee payable to the instructor at class to complete one bracelet. Additional supplies may be purchased from the instructor.
Wed 6-8:30 p.m. Oct 17 1 Session
Theresa Smith Rm 101 HLR-2746-640 $25
Ottawa Center
Wed 6-8:30 p.m. Oct 24 1 Session
Theresa Smith C-326, IVCC HLR-2746-310 $25

Creating Jewelry with Silver Clay
Get creative while learning the basics of working with PMC, real silver that is in clay form, to create your own custom jewelry. The clay may be molded, stamped, cut, torn, carved, folded, textured, and shaped by hand. On the first evening, create your jewelry then return the following week
to finish your fired pieces. Finished pieces will be unique and can be worn as charms, earrings, or pendants that you can keep for yourself or give
as a one of a kind gift. Different firing and finishing techniques will be discussed. A material fee of $33 will be payable the first night of class for the silver PMC you will use in class. Registration deadline is October 15 so that the sterling silver clay can be ordered.
Mon 6-8:30 p.m. Oct 29 & Nov 5 2 Sessions
Theresa Smith B-101, IVCC HLR-2710-310 $39
Art Room

Holiday Mixed Media Charm Bracelet
Create a holiday bracelet with charms made using decorative papers, metal pendants, and additional embellishments. You'll use basic stringing techniques for this bracelet so previous jewelry making experience is a plus, but not required. Students should bring jewelry-making tools including wire cutters and needle or round nose pliers to class. There is a $15 material fee payable to the instructor at class.
Tue 6-9 p.m. Dec 4 1 Session
Carey Burns B-216, IVCC HLR-2756-312 $25
Fireplace Lounge