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Sell Your Treasures on ETSY
Attention all artists and vintage lovers! The hottest way to sell your artwork or vintage items is online at ETSY.com. Learn what to do, what not to do, and how to open an ETSY shop. Pick-up tips on photographing your items, writing effective item descriptions, how to integrate with other social media sites, and simple ways to optimize search engine results. The holidays are coming–so set up your shop now and get your treasures out there!
Tue 6-9 p.m. Sep 18 1 Session
Pamela Klarup B-213, IVCC CEX-4611-309 $39

Advanced eBay & eBay Stores
If you know the basics of selling on eBay, and now you’re ready to increase your sales and really market your eBay business, then this class is for you. You will learn advanced techniques for greater selling success and techniques for quicker listing. Choosing the right subscription and using all the exclusive marketing and merchandising tools that eBay offers for store owners is essential. eBay Stores give you powerful tools to help build, manage, promote, and track your eBay presence for greater selling success.
Mon 6-8:30 p.m. Oct 15 1 Session
Gayle Treend A-209, IVCC CEX-4612-310 $89

Amazing Amazon Profits
Harness the power of the #1 online shopping site! When you sell in the Amazon Marketplace, you place your items in front of millions of customers and there aren’t any fees unless you sell! Learn how to sell on Amazon, different types of seller accounts, and where to source products. Choose the products that will sell and how to ship them. Learn what it takes to become a top seller on Amazon! You can hit the ground running after taking this class.
Mon 6-8 p.m. Oct 22 1 Session
Gayle Treend A-331, IVCC CEX-4612-310 $89