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Women in Engineering


Computer Aided Design (CAD) Technician

Education Requirement: Associates Degree

State and National Wage: $32,000 per year.

Job Description:

Work closely with Project Engineers and Project Managers to obtain project information and ensure project plan sets and documents are accurate and complete.

Compile drawing representing various engineering features such as graded terrain, utilities, material stockpiles, open pits, channels, ponds, and other surface features.

Provide technical guidance to project design team for completing environmental and remedial designs and layouts.


AutoCAD Electrical Designer

Education Requirement: Associates Degree

State and National Wage: $17.00 - $22.00/hour or $40,000 per year.

Job Description:

General arrangement drawings – external general arrangement of control cabinets showing mounting centers, metal work cut-outs.

General arrangement and wiring drawings of products - show specs, mounting centers, dimensions (drafter is handed an object and is expected to be able to draw it).

Field wiring design drawings – loudspeaker loop diagrams, cable schedules, junction box wiring diagrams, and field beacon circuit drawings.


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COMPUTER AIDED Engineering & Design

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