Computer Aided Engineering and Design

Computer-Aided Drafting and/or Design (CAD or CADD) technicians use special computer software programs to create drawings and sketches. They may draw objects ranging from simple parts to complex building designs, or even minute electronics components. The term "CAD drafter" or "CAD designer" may also be used to describe a CAD technician.

CAD technicians work with the project designer and engineers to create a graphical representation of a new product. The architect, designer or engineer shares basic information about the project, and the CAD technician must figure out how to best translate this idea onto paper. Using computer design programs, drafters sketch the object from multiple views. They include details about the object, including types of fasteners required, materials, features and dimensions.
The drawings created by CAD technicians show builders or manufacturers how a project/building should be constructed. These drawings can also help developers or investors understand what a finished product will look like before it is built.

At IVCC we use state of the computers and the most current software. Both 2D CAD and Solidmodeling software are taught, including AutoCAD, Inventor Pro and SolidWorks. Our CAD Engineering department also has two 3D printers, sometimes called Rapid Prototyping Machines or Additive Machining. Students wishing to earn the 2 year associate degree also participate in IVCC's award winning program MIMIC (Making Industry Meaningful In College). The CAD Engineering department is located in the new Peter Miller Career and Technology Center.

For more information on the award winning MIMIC program see our website:

Computer Aided Engineering and Design is an associate degree program.

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    Computer Aided Engineering and Design Associate in Applied Science Degree
    Computer Aided Drafting Certificate

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For more information, to come in to see a tour of the CAD lab or a demonstration of our facilities please contact Dorene Verucchi, faculty advisor.

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About Dorene Verucchi

Dorene Verucchi has been teaching Engineering Design at Illinois Valley Community College since 1987. She came from Conco-Tellus a material handling company where she was CAD manager and trainer for 5 years. Visit her website for more information.


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