Core Classes

Computer Aided Drafting I and II

CAD 1200 and CAD 1201
Beginning and Advanced CAD using AutoCAD.

CAD 1200

  • Computer Aided Drafting I Using AutoCAD
  • This course includes computer graphic principles as they apply to the latest version of AutoCAD.  Using basic drafting principles employed in industry, the student will learn the basic components of a CAD system and basic principles of using CAD in technical drawing.
  • No prerequisite
  • Three semester credit hours

CAD 1201

  • Computer Aided Drafting II Using AutoCAD
  • A continuation of computer sided drafting I including advanced principles of AutoCAD.  This course includes dimension commands, attributes, symbols libraries and an introduction to 3D CAD
  • Prerequisite CAD 1200
  • Three semester credit hours


Beginning and Advanced Drafting

DFT 1200 and DFT 1201
These courses in mechanical drafting teach principles of graphics  as they apply to both board and CAD drafting.

DFT 1200

  • Beginning Drafting
  • A course in mechanical drafting including terms common to an engineering drawing, basic drawing and lettering techniques, geometrical constructions, technical sketching, and  in depth study of multi-view projections, sectional and auxiliary views, and dimensioning in customary and metric units. 
  • No prerequisite
  • Three semester credit hours

DFT 1201

  • Advanced Drafting
  • A continuation of basic mechanical drafting including advanced multiview principles with advanced applications of dimensioning and tolerancing.  A study  will be made of the requirements for working drawings including detailing and assembly drawings.
  • Prerequisite DFT 1200
  • Three semester credit hours


Civil Applications of CAD and Electronics Drafting

CAD 1202 and CAD 1203 -
These courses use CAD techniques as they apply to Civil engineering and electronics drawing.

CAD 1202

  • Civil Applications of CAD
  • This course introduces the CAD technician to civil applications.  Emphasis is placed upon preparing survey plats and topographical drawings from surveyor coordinates.
  • CAD 1200
  • Three semester credit hours

CAD 1203

  • Electronics Drafting
  • A course in techniques and general drafting with major emphasis on pictorial drawing, device symbols, production drawings, flow and schematic drawings, printed circuits, miniaturization, industrial controls, and graphic representation.
  • Prerequisite CAD 1200
  • Two semester credit hours


3D Animation and Descriptive Geometry

CAD 1205 and CAD 1206
These courses deal with graphical representation of 3D relationships, including rendering and animation.

CAD 1205

  • Computer Animation Using 3D Studio
  • Professionals ranging from architects and engineers, trainers, and educators to corporate presentation specialists, industrial designers, game developers, graphic artists, web page designers and other creative uses of 3D animation.  3D Studio is one of the leading 3D animation software packages.  Students will learn to make quality renderings and advanced 3D models with photo-realistic quality.  Studnets will be able to produce animation for video production and quality design, prepare high resolution still images, develop architectural and engineering visualization and create multimedia and educational presentations. 
  • No prerequisite
  • Three semester credit hours

CAD 1206

  • Descriptive Geometry
  • This class will deal with descriptive geometry, the graphical representation and solution of spatial relationships of points, lines and planes by means of projections.  The drafter will understand the various steps to graphically solve problems with points, lines and planes and apply descriptive geometry to various drafting problems.  Also, the drafter will learn surface development patterns fro the bending or folding of a material to a required shape.
  • Prerequisite DFT 1200
  • Three semester credit hours


Computer Aided Design I and II

CAD 2200 and CAD 2201
These are classes in mastering the 3D modeling techniques using 3D CAD, Solid modeling and rapid prototyping.

CAD 2200

  • Computer Aided Design I
  • This is a class in mastering AutoCAD 3D modeling techniques, Internet access and various customizing techniques.  Specific techniques discussed will be construction models using different 3D coordinate systems, 3D object construction and layout techniques, model and paperspace concepts, 3D editing, surface modeling and rendering, and solid model construction and editing.
  • Prerequisite CAD 1200
  • Three semester credit hours

CAD 2201

  • Computer Aided Design II
  • This course includes computer graphic principles as they relate to the concepts of CAD Solid Modeling.  These principles will be applied to Solid Modeling packages such as SolidWorks and AutoCAD Inventor.  Principles will include the components of a model, assemblies and drawings.  Designs will be converted to rapid prototyping files to produce actual models.
  • Prerequisite CAD 1200
  • Three semester credit hours


Engineering Design Concepts and Geometric Dimensioning

CAD 2203 and CAD 2204
Learn to develop and understand key engineering design concepts and use geometric tolerances of form and position.

CAD 2203

  • Engineering Design Concepts
  • This course introduces the CAD technician to design concepts.  Emphasis is placed mechanisms and linkages and other mechanical means in design.
  • Prerequisite MTH 1208 and CAD 1200
  • Three semester credit hours

CAD 2204

  • Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing
  • A course in geometric tolerance and dimensions, including tolerances of form and position or location control.  The student will learn methods of indicating geometric tolerances by means of geometric characteristic symbols as recommended by ANSI, rather than by traditional notes.
  • Prerequisite DFT 1200
  • Three semester credit hours


Architectural CAD

CAD 2202
Develop an understanding of drafting procedures for architectural and construction drawings.

CAD 2202

  • Architectural CAD
  • This course is designed to develop an understanding of drafting procedures in the preparation of architectural and construction drawings.  Study will include floor plans, elevations, and conventional symbols fro residential and commercial buildings.
  • Prerequisite CAD 1200
  • Three semester credit hours


Design Technician Internship and Design Projects

CAD 2206 and CAD 2208
Students will be assigned to an engineering department in local industries and work on a design team to achieve on the job training.

CAD 2206

  • Design Technician Internship
  • Individual students will be assigned to an engineering department in local industries.  Work will be that normally performed by a design technician.
  • Prerequisite consent of instructor
  • Three semester credit hours

CAD 2208

  • Design Projects
  • This course will give the student the opportunity to apply the knowledge and training achieved in preceding courses in an "on-the-job" situation.  Assignments will consist of analysis of problems, synthesis, preliminary design, layout, and production of the final set of working drawings.  Student participating in the class will be a part of the award winning project MIMIC, Making Industry Meaningful In College.  Students are teamed together with electronics, marketing and accounting students to form companies that design, market and sell products on campus.
  • Prerequisite CAD 1200 sophomore CAD student or consent of the instructor
  • Four semester credit hours