Board of Trustees

IVCC board 2013

IVCC Board of Trustees, May 2013: (seated from left) Secretary to the Board Jeanne Hayden of Peru, Laurie Bonucci of Princeton, Chair Melissa Olivero of Peru, Jane Goetz of Ottawa and Student Trustee Taylor Gunia of Peru. (Back left) IVCC President Jerry Corcoran of Ottawa, Everett Solon of Streator, Vice Chair Michael Driscoll of Ottawa, David Mallery of Hennepin, Secretary Larry Huffman of Peru and Board Attorney Walter J. Zukowski of Peru.

Regular Meeting Agendas 2015

January 15, 2015

Special Meeting Agendas 2015

Facilities Committee Meeting
Audit-Finance Committee Meeting

Reports 2015

January 2015 Board Report

Regular Meeting Minutes 2015

Special Meeting Minutes 2015