November 2007 Board Meeting Report

Illinois Valley Community College’s Board of Trustees heard a proposed plan for academic integrity concerning athletics from the recently hired athletic director, Tommy Canale. “The National Junior College Athletic Association requires a minimum grade point average of 1.75 and a 12 credit hour load for freshman eligibility. I would like to propose that IVCC student athletes be required to have a minimum GPA of 2.0. Our student athletes should maintain at least a C average as they are students first and foremost,” stated Coach Canale.

“I applaud Coach Canale and all our coaches in helping students see the value in their education. I applaud not only what he said tonight, but more importantly what he will do,” said Interim President Dave Louis.

The board approved the annual Resolution Approving the Tentative Tax Levy and Tentative Certificate of Tax Levy for the college with the total levy request of $10,720,500, 4.4 percent higher than last year with the tax rate projected to be 36.04 cents per $100 of equalized assessed valuation.

The board also approved:

  • The tenure status of Melissa Killian, counselor.
  • Stipends for pay periods ending Oct. 20 and Nov. 3
  • The purchase of a content management system, Ektron CMS400 for the amount of $45,026.
  • The purchase and implementation of iStrategy HigherEd Analytics Data Warehouse for Colleague in the amount of $146,500.
  • The transfer of $14,043 within the auxiliary enterprise fund from the Princeton After School Program to the Early Childhood Center.

In other business the board accepted the following bids from:

  • Future Communications in the amount of $60,676 for the purchase, installation, programming, testing and training of personnel in the use of emergency call boxes and two way radios.
  • Snook Equipment in the amount of $14,221 for the Bobcat 2200 utility vehicle with snow plow.
  • Kahn & Son, in the amount of $10,279 for flat and rolled steel for the welding and manufacturing program.
  • The board learned of the following appointments: Lorri Foockle, financial aid advisor; Mark Grzybowski, recruitment and dual credit/dual enrollment coordinator; Glenn Rassi, training specialist/site facilitator in truck driver training; and the following resignations: Michelle Bakr, administrative assistant in career services and Mark Tellkamp, head men’s baseball coach.