October 2006 Board Meeting Report

The Illinois Valley Community College Board of Trustees approved the protection, health and safety projects and authorized the submission of the appropriate resolutions for each to the Illinois Community College Board as presented at the Wednesday night meeting. The anticipated projects include the replacement of the 1970’s display cases in buildings A, B, D and E; the replacement of the emergency generator; improvement to the computer server room; phase one of a thermographic and energy study; and the addition of handrails and retaining walls.

"Protection, health, and safety funds may be used to alter and repair facilities so that the health and safety of building occupants may be protected, energy may be conserved, handicap accessibility may be increased, the structural integrity of the physical plant may be preserved, or environmental hazards corrected. Every year, our administration works closely with the college's architect on developing a list of protection, health, and safety projects that meet these criteria. It is always prudent to be proactive and keep the facility safe and energy efficient versus reactive and trying to correct serious deficiencies; it is within that context that the five projects submitted to our board for consideration meet those objectives," stated Dr. Corcoran, vice-president for business services and finance/treasurer.

The Illinois Valley Community College Board of Trustees learned that the administration has effectively negotiated intergovernmental agreements with the city of Ottawa that support the creation of the Ottawa Canal tax increment financing district and the Ottawa Dayton Industrial TIF district. Further agreement has been reached with the city of Spring Valley on the creation of its first TIF district. Since these TIF districts are located in the college’s district, there could be some negative impact on IVCC’s real estate tax base were it not for the intergovernmental agreements. The cities of Ottawa and Spring Valley have agreed to reimburse the college for expenditures for capital costs, job training and advanced vocational and career education from the real estate increment created by the increase in equalized assessed valuation for the life of the TIF district.

The board authorized:

  • The conferring of a dental assisting certificate to Kathryn Ann Smith.
  •  The business office to seek bids for a pre-owned, re-conditioned forklift at an estimated cost of $15,000.
  •  The adoption of a resolution and direct preparation of the tentative calendar 2006 tax levy.
  •  The business office to seek bids for the 2007-2009 college catalog at an estimated cost of $25,000.

The board approved:

  • The purchase of 20 desktop computers and 5 wireless laptop computers from Dell Computers in the amount of $28,795.
  •  The purchase of a one-ton truck from the Illinois Joint Purchasing Program when one becomes available not to exceed $34,000.
  •  The transfer of $100,000 from the working cash fund, 07 to the education fund, 01 and $75,000 from fund 01 to the auxiliary enterprise fund, 05 to support athletics at $70,000, daycare at $3,500 and cultural events at $1,500.
  •  Stipends for pay periods ending Sept. 23 and Oct. 17.
  •  An annual extension of the cooperative agreement with Lake Land College through July 1, 2007 for Ag Power Technology certification and/or applied associates degree and the recently added John Deere Ag Technology applied associates degree.
  •  A bid from Pantrol, Inc. in the amount of $5,857.30, from Complete Industrial in the amount of $345.08 and instructional supplies in the amount of $6,202.38 for the electronics and electricity supplies through Perkin grant funds.
  •  The third year in a four year lease with Keith Gehm to farm 131.6 acres.

The board accepted:

  1.  A quote from Metcalf Martin in the amount of $10,762 for the replacement of a-chiller piping.
  2.  The resignation of Navada Nevin, horticulture instructor at the Sheridan Correctional Center.

The board heard:

  •  Of the appointment of Gary F. Talsky as the world language laboratory coordinator and Laurie S. Pittman as purchasing assistant.
  • The fiscal year 2006 comprehensive annual financial report.