February 2005 Board Meeting Report

Illinois Valley Community College’s board authorized IVCC to enter into partnership with Club Fusion Volleyball as an entrepreneurial opportunity at Tuesday night’s meeting. IVCC would offer the use of their gym to Club Fusion for practices and tournaments. Club fusion would work around the college’s competitions and gym usage in the scheduling of their events as the IVCC events would remain a priority.

"Club Fusion Volleyball is a regional association which provides instruction and competition for girls from junior high through high school. We have had an informal relationship with Club Fusion over the last several years; some of our faculty and coaches have worked with them, and most of our own volleyball players have been Club Fusion participants," said Dr. Robert Marshall, Vice President for Student Services.

"This partnership with Club Fusion would fund the cost to equip and install a second volleyball court in IVCC’s gym. A second court would enable IVCC to bid for regional and district community college volleyball tournaments, something we have heretofore been unable to do with only one court. In addition, Club Fusion will conduct five of their tournaments on behalf of IVCC, for which we would get the gate and concession receipts," continued Dr. Marhsall.

"We feel that this is an outstanding opportunity for IVCC. Not only would we receive the benefits already indicated, but we would have opportunities to showcase our college, and recruit among the hundreds of students and parents coming here for competitions," concluded Dr. Marshall.

This agreement for a Club Fusion Volleyball partnership with IVCC will remain in effect for five years, through 2010.

Dr. Goodnow presented in her president’s report to the board that on Jan. 28, the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF) completed their accreditation visit to IVCC’s Automotive Technology Program and ranked the college 4.9 for instruction, 4.8 for equipment, 4.8 for facilities, and 4.5 for instructional staff out of 5.0 possible points. In addition, the five employers with whom the NATEF evaluator spoke, gave IVCC students very high ratings.

IVCC received a draft report from the Department of Education for their 2003 school cohort default rate on college loans. The default rate for IVCC has dropped to 5.8 percent down from last year’s rate of 7.6 percent. The default rate for loans in 1993 was 21.2 percent.

"As the numbers indicate, this is an all-time low default rate for IVCC and a number that allows us to not have to worry about the threat of losing federal financial assistance that can happen to colleges with consistently high default rates. Our student loan volume has nearly doubled in just the last two years, as we have already surpassed the $1,000,000 mark for the 2004-2005 school year. Nationwide, most colleges are experiencing startling increases in student loan volume. The thought is that as the costs increase and grant levels remain constant or even decrease, as has been the case with the Illinois Monetary Award Program (MAP), loan volumes will continue to increase and the need to maintain low default rates will become a critical necessity and a high priority for all colleges. With the assistance, diligence and hard work of Neil Jagodzinski, our students are personally counseled to help keep IVCC’s default rates as low as possible," reported Steve Crick, Director of Financial Aid.

IVCC was notified from the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulations of IVCC’s nursing pass rates on the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX). IVCC LPN graduates earned a score of 100 percent as compared to the state average score of 92 percent and the national average score of 89 percent. IVCC RN graduates earned average scores of 86 percent with the state average score of 87 percent and the national average score of 85 percent.

With the proposed increase of the student population in the IVCC nursing program, the board learned of the necessary renovations to accommodate the expansion at Tuesday night’s meeting. The board authorized the business office to seek bids for the remodeling of Rooms B208, B209, and B210 at an estimated cost of $112,000 and to seek bids for instructional equipment at an estimated cost of $73,000 for the expansion at a total cost estimate of $185,000.

The board also learned from Larry Rousey, Director of Facilities that many physical changes to the campus are under way while others are in the planning stages. Projects in progress include: third floor interconnects between buildings A, B, D and E, installation of proximity readers in the smart classrooms, the installation of video surveillance cameras, an elevator installation in the gymnasium, exterior ADA compliance, and front sign installation.

Projects in the planning stage include: work on the nursing labs, essential road repairs for the truck driver training skill path, wire modifications and fire damper replacement, elevator installation in buildings A and E, flat roof replacements for buildings A, B, C, D, E and G, air moisture infiltration phase 5, and street light replacement.

In other business, the board approved tenure for three instructors: Jean Baston-Turner, Ottawa, human services; Lori Cinotte, Spring Valley, English/journalism; and Tara Coburn, Oglesby, English.

Dr. Harriet Custer, Vice President for Academic Affairs said faculty are eligible for tenure after three years of teaching and after undergoing a rigorous evaluation process.

Dr. Custer explained that faculty are required to prepare a portfolio illustrating their teaching expertise, assessment of student learning and contributions to the college and community. Members of the College Board reviewed those professional portfolios prior to the board meeting.


The board also:

  • Approved the hiring of Catherine A. Christensen as a new full-time faculty member in nursing assigned to the Division of Health Professions.
  • Approved a new full-time faculty position of Biology instructor assigned to the Division of Natural Sciences and Business.
  • Authorized the college as required each year, to officially notify the Sheridan Correctional Center instructional and academic support staff of the reduction in force pending finalization of the new contract with the Department of Corrections.
  • Authorized the business office to accept the bid of $27,998.19 for Klaus Companies, Peoria, IL for the Extron Room Control Systems.
  • Authorized the business office to accept the renewal quote from Hartford Insurance Company in the amount of $133,293 effective Feb. 1, 2005 to Feb. 1, 2006 for the renewal of workers compensation insurance
  • Approved the resolution to designate a fiscal year, July 1, 2005 to June 30, 2006, a resolution to designate a person(s) to prepare a tentative budget and the fiscal year 2006 budget calendar.