August 2004 Board Meeting Report

Contractual negotiations with the American Federation of Teachers Local 1810 (AFT) for a four-year (2004-2008) contract at Illinois Valley Community College were completed and approved by the Board of Trustees Wednesday night.

"Through the interest-based bargaining process, we have reached an agreement that will serve, not only the needs of the faculty, but the administration and most importantly, our students," said Stephen Charry, president of AFT Local 1810.

"I would like to compliment both teams and our board on their improvements with the salary schedule in the third contract we’ve negotiated using the interest-based bargaining model. Dr. Custer, Attorney Jim Zuehl and the entire administrative team at IVCC did an outstanding job of making certain the negotiations ran smoothly without disruption in our students learning," said Jean Goodnow, IVCC president.

The board approved the resolution to adopt the fiscal year 2005 budget as presented and authorized the conferring of 140 degrees and certificates for the summer 2004 graduates.

Sue Isermann, Associate Vice President for Career Education, presented to the board a proposal for the expansion of the IVCC nursing program. Space, staffing and equipment, were identified as being among the resources needed to expand the program. Alternative times for lecture, lab and clinical assignments were proposed.

Among the many things Goodnow reviewed with the board in her monthly update was the restoration of a 2.2 percent increase over fiscal year 2004 in the state budget. In addition to the increase, Illinois Valley Community College received a grant in the amount of $160,000.

"As one of only two colleges, outside of the City Colleges of Chicago, to receive additional funding, I am pleased that our representatives and senators responded to the needs of their constituents. Through the diligent efforts of Senator Welch and the support of Representative Mautino and our other legislators and senators, we are delighted to receive this additional funding so we may continue to be responsive to our area employers and students in their request for a welding lab on our main campus," said Goodnow.

The board also authorized the business office to accept the lowest responsible bid on the welding lab additions and to seek bids for the purchase of 59 computer desks and for the purchase and installation of a scoreboard and shot clock system.

In other action, the board approved the transfer of funds in the amount of $306,244 from Fund 1 (Education Fund) to Fund 5 (Auxiliary Enterprises Fund) and the transfer of funds in the amount of $12,073 from Fund 1 into Fund 6 (Restricted Purposes Fund).

The board also authorized the business office to accept the bid of $7,144.01 from Richwoods Enterprises, Inc. of Spring Valley for the construction and installation of the library customer service center at well under the original cost estimates; authorized the bid on the electrical work for the new welding lab for a total of $72,850 from JB Contracting of La Salle and rejected a bid over budget from Carrier Commercial Service in Peoria for security and surveillance and authorized the business office to re-bid this project.

Jerry Corcoran, Vice President for Business Services and Finance, outlined six life safety projects totaling $1,278,813 approved by the board for the following:

  • Flat roof replacement on buildings A,B,C,D,E,& G - $401,174
  • Elevator installations in buildings A&E - $180,000
  • Air/moisture infiltration phase VI - $255,991
  • Ceiling and lighting replacement in buildings D&E - $129,648
  • Street light pole replacement - $180,000
  • Acoustic door replacement in the Cultural Centre - $132,000

The board also accepted the resignation of Marty Wygmans, director of Project Success, and approved the appointment of Anna Marie Pietrolonardo as the foreign languages lab instructor.