April 2004 Board Meeting Report

Larry Rousey, the director of Facilities at Illinois Valley Community College, provided an update to the board at the Wednesday night meeting concerning the tornado Tuesday and its impact on the college campus.

"I hope that everyone in the college realizes how extremely fortunate we were in this situation. There was damage within 40 feet of both B and D buildings along the northwest side of the college. The tornado damaged the roof of E Building on its way out of the courtyard. Someone was watching over us last night," said Rousey.

Jean Goodnow, president, expressed her condolences and support to the families and communities that were impacted by this devastating event.

A tour of the electronics, drafting and robotics classrooms and labs and the college assessment center ensued.

In further business, Andy Simko, student trustee, reported on the Phi Theta Kappa Student Advisory Committee annual awards banquet in Springfield, April 21-22.

"The event was well received by over 250 students in attendance," said Simko. "The following day was lobby day for the students sponsored by the student advisory committee. All in all the lobby day was a successful event."

Following another meeting in Springfield, board trustee David Wilcoxson reported, "We need an equitable state funding program for our schools. We have to convince our legislators we have valid reasons for being in Springfield. We are there for the improvement of our entire educational system, state and society."


The board also:

  • Authorized the college to officially notify the Sheridan correctional center faculty of the reduction in force pending the finalization of the new contract. As soon as the new contract is concluded, staff will be reinstated.
  • Authorized the business office to accept a bid of $26,622 from Kraft Paper, McHenry, as the lowest, most responsible bidder for custodial supplies.
  • Accepted the bid of $58,618.78 from Airgas-North Central of Peru, as the lowest, most responsible bid to purchase and install a central exhaust system for the welding lab.
  • Granted the business office permission to accept the proposal from Peru Federal Savings Bank as IVCC’s bank depository beginning July 1, 2004 through June 30, 2008.
  • Authorized the business office to seek bids for audiovisual equipment at an estimated cost of $17,500 for the learning technologies department, cultural center and massage therapy program.
  • Authorized the business office to seek bids for 156 chairs at an estimated cost of $32,000 from the student technology fee funds for student labs across campus.
  • Learned from the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation that the pass percentage rate from the national council licensure examination in 2003 for the IVCC LPN program was 100 percent, compared to the state average of 92 percent and the national average of 88 percent; the RN pass percentage rate for IVCC was 95 percent, compared to 87 percent state and nationwide.
  • Heard a presentation by John Jasinski on IVCC’s continuous quality improvement through self assessment of goals, values and strategies.
  • Learned the honors banquet awarded: five Thomas J. McCormack scholars; two Phi Theta Kappa all-Illinois academic team; 136 academic honors and one presidential commendation of meritorious achievement award.
  • IVCC welcomed home the 300th Quartermaster Co. Unit troops on April 16.
  • Learned the job fair had 68 employers and 625 job seekers in attendance.
  • Heard a record number of 233 students applied for foundation scholarships this spring with the award announcement the week of May 10.
  • It was announced the Students in Free Enterprise Team won the regional champion for the sixth consecutive year at a competition in Chicago and qualified for nationals.
  • Heard the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce announced in a letter to the president that IVCC is the recipient of the 2004 membership recognition award to be presented on May 5 at Starved Rock Lodge.
  • Approved the staff appointment of Sarah N. Francis for the grant-funded position of case manager for the Dislocated Workers Center and George Needs for the position of human resources specialist.