March 2003 Board Meeting Report

The Illinois Valley Community College board Tuesday agreed to continue the golf and tennis programs at least one more year following fund raising proposals by golf coach Jim Moskalewicz and tennis coach Eric Perez.

Perez said fund raising efforts by the men’s and women’s tennis teams will top $20,000 and parents will contribute if necessary. Moskalewicz said his team will host a "golf-a-thon" among other fund raising events and parents have pledged to contribute up to $1,000 each if fund raising efforts fall short.

The coaches were joined by about 30 players and parents. Speaking for the tennis parents, Ron Hammers of La Salle said, "The parents want to be the solution to the problem."

Board member Kris Paul said, "We are trying to do everything we can to save these programs in difficult financial times."

The programs were targeted for elimination as part of a plan to trim $80,000 from the athletic budget. The college is cutting $750,000 from next year’s budget following the failure of the November referendum.

In other business, the board heard a presentation on tuition increases by Jerry Corcoran, interim vice president of business services and finance. Corcoran said IVCC is one of 18 Illinois schools considering a tuition increase.

Corcoran said the increase is needed to offset an anticipated reduction in state funding, higher health insurance rates and farmland devaluation, among other factors. IVCC’s $53 per hour tuition rate is tied with two other colleges for the 12th highest rate in the state, he added.

The board approved a new program that will lead to certification and degree status for teacher’s aides. The program, paraprofessional educator, will have both a certificate and A.A.S. degree. IVCC President Jean Goodnow said the program will also be a "career ladder" into teaching.

In addition, the board approved a certificate and A.A.S. degree in the federally-funded Human Services program. Graduates will work in mental health facilities, youth advocacy programs, homeless shelters, training and advocacy services for persons with disabilities and crisis intervention.

No additional full-time staff will be required for either program, said Goodnow.


The board also:

  • Approved the use of Capital Renewal grant funds to do $550,000 in road repair and replacement. These grants are allocated to each community college district based on the gross square feet of facilities to be used for projects such as roadways and parking lots.
  • Authorized the conferring of degrees/and or certificates for three March graduates.
  • Reduced the Business Training Center Coordinator position, held by Jennifer Scheri, to part-time. The move was necessitated by a 38 percent reduction in Workforce Preparation grants by the state.
  • Approved the termination of the Education-to-Careers Regional Coordinator, a position held by Alexa Doll. The move was necessitated by the ending of the federal School-to-Work program.
  • Agreed to hold a special meeting April 7 to canvass the vote from the April 1 election.