January 2003 Board Meeting Report

Nearly 300 Illinois Valley Community College students felt the ripple effect of the failed Nov. 5 referendum this month when their spring semester classes were cancelled due to new minimum enrollment standards.

A total of 114 class sections were cancelled due to the policy which mandates minimum enrollments of 12 students in on-campus day classes and 10 for off-campus and night classes, said President Jean Goodnow. A total of 297 students lost classes this spring compared to 75 students a year ago when 53 sections were cancelled.

"Throughout the campaign we said we would have to reduce programs and services if the referendum failed. This is an example of what we will be doing to balance our budget. It’s unfortunate so many students had to suffer," said Goodnow.

Night students, traditionally working adults, were hit the hardest. Of the sections cancelled, 54 percent were evening offerings. A total of 28 extension classes at area high schools were cancelled.

Loss of the Nov. 5 referendum will cost the college an estimated $750,000 in the 2003-04 academic year.

"We are following what other community colleges and universities are doing. We simply can not afford to offer low enrollment classes anymore," Goodnow said.


In other business the board

  • Authorized bidding for six LCD projectors at an estimated cost of $30,000. Half of the LCDs were paid for through grants. The LCDs will be used in smart classrooms and in a library lab.
  • Accepted the $56,457 bid of Castle PrinTech of DeKalb for the printing of the next three class schedules.
  • Accepted the $113, 233 bid of A.P. Specialty for worker’s compensation insurance.
  • Rescheduled monthly meetings in March and September. The board will meet March 18 and Sept. 24.
  • Entered into a cooperative agreement with Lake Land College for their Ag Power Technology program, a unique program between Lake Land and John Deere. This will allow students in the IVCC district to enroll in the program, said Custer.
  • Learned spring semester head count is up 10 percent and hours 11 percent.