April 2003 Board Meeting Report

The Illinois Valley Community College board of trustees Wednesday agreed to a $1 tuition increase for the fall semester.

IVCC tuition and fees will total $61.25 per hour. For a full-time student taking a 15-hour load, tuition and fees would total $918.75 a semester.

"IVCC remains affordable compared to the cost of other community colleges and four-year universities," IVCC President Jean Goodnow said. "This added revenue is crucial in light of the failed referendum, the state’s fiscal crisis and the reduction in farmland assessment."

Goodnow said an increase was fiscally prudent because the college expects a $460,095 cut in state support next year.

"That’s a 12 percent loss in state funding," Goodnow said.

The president said 28 of 39 community college districts in Illinois have already raised tuition and the average increase is $3.35 per credit hour.

Board member Harry Debo said the increase will help offset rising utility costs. "As a small business owner I look at utility costs," Debo said.

Jerry Corcoran, vice president of business services and finance, said the college anticipates at least a 20 percent hike in health insurance costs next year.

Board member Deb Sweeden said the "modest increase" would help offset the cost of keeping the dental assisting program and the tennis and golf programs.

Student trustee Rebekah Peterson said, "Nobody wants to see their programs cut but in order to keep the quality of instruction, $1 is very minimal."

In addition, the board approved an increase in the graduation fee from $10 to $20 and an increase in the registration fee from $3 to $5. In total, the increases will generate an estimated $95,350 next year.

In other business, the board okayed a tuition increase for courses offered at high schools to juniors and seniors. IVCC’s "Early Entry College for High School Students" program will increase tuition from $22.25 per credit hour to $30, said program coordinator Giacomo Leone.

Leone said the increase is necessary because of a reduction in a state grant.

The program will be offered next year at Seneca, Serena, Marquette, Mendota, Midland, Woodland, St. Bede, Streator, Earlville, Hall, Ottawa, Princeton and La Salle-Peru high schools. The program allows students to take college courses during school hours and in some cases receive credit from both IVCC and their high school.

About 56 percent of the students in the program go on to IVCC after high school and many go on to complete college in just three years, said Leone.

"That’s a tremendous savings to parents and students," he added. Over the past two years, enrollment in the program increased from 128 to 313 and credit hours from 754 to 1932.


The board also:

  • Approved the appointment of Julie Sherbeyn as health, wellness and physical education instructor and accepted the resignation of nursing instructor Deb Tostovarsnik.
  • Authorized bidding for 900 cases of white multipurpose paper at an estimated cost of $24,300 and $30,000 in computer printing supplies such as toner cartridges, ink cartridges, ribbons, drum kits and plotter paper.
  • Authorized the business office to seek proposals for food and vending services. The cafeteria will reopen in the lower level of C building this summer.
  • After consulting with Robert Halverson of Randolph and Associates, accepted the $217,198 bid of J.B. Contracting of La Salle for electrical infrastructure repairs, upgrades and energy management controls as the lowest and most responsible bidder. In addition the board approved $32,700 for architectural and engineering fees and $3,300 for reimbursables for a total project cost of $253,198.
  • Accepted the $165,670 bid from Chapman’s Mechanical of La Salle for replacement of the air conditioning units in the gym and Cultural Centre. In addition, the board approved $10,250 for contingencies, $22,000 for architectural and engineering fees and $2,200 for reimburseables for a total project cost of $200,120.
  • Approved the $17,129 bid of Phillips Brothers of Springfield for the printing of 18,000 copies of the two year college catalog.
  • Approved the purchase of demountable partitions and modular casework for the Bookstore for an estimated $77,245. The improvements will accomodate ADA circulation and access.
  • Accepted the recommendation of the insurance consultant to move insurance coverage for the commercial package ($109,279), automobile ($43,866), umbrella ($30,922) and board legal ($18,098) to Zurich with R.J. Galla.
  • Approved a cooperative agreement with Parkland College to add the following programs: agricultural business certificate, agricultural business and management degree, and construction design and management degree. The board also approved a revised educational agreement with Black Hawk, Carl Sandburg, Heartland, Illinois Central, Spoon River and John Wood colleges.
  • Learned the college has set a minimum enrollment of 16 full-time students in the dental assisting program for next year. The program will be reviewed in September and January and if enrollments are not met, the program will be recommended for termination at the February, 2004 board meeting.
  • Met newly elected student trustee Andy Simko of Streator. Simpko replaces Rebekah Peterson of Princeton.