August 21, 2012 Minutes of Regular Meeting

The Board of Trustees of Illinois Valley Community College District No. 513 convened a regular session at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, August 21, 2012 in the Board Room (C307) at Illinois Valley Community College.

Members Physically Present:
Dennis N. Thompson, Chair
Melissa M. Olivero, Vice Chair
Michael C. Driscoll
Larry D. Huffman
David O. Mallery (entered the meeting at 6:35 p.m.)

Members Absent:
Leslie-Anne Englehaupt, Secretary
James A. Narczewski
Britney Burkart, Student Trustee

Others Physically Present:
Jerry Corcoran, President
Cheryl Roelfsema, Vice President for Business Services and Finance
Lori Scroggs, Interim Vice President for Learning and Student Development
Walt Zukowski, Attorney


This being the time and place published for a Public Hearing regarding the FY2013 Budget, Board Chair,             Dennis Thompson, called for questions and/or comments from the audience.  Since there were no questions and/or comments, Mr. Thompson called for a motion to close the Public Hearing.  It was moved by Dr. Huffman and seconded by Ms. Olivero to close the Public Hearing.  Motion passed by voice vote.



In the absence of Leslie Englehaupt, Dr. Larry Huffman volunteered to serve as Secretary Pro-Tem.



It was moved by Ms. Olivero and seconded by Dr. Driscoll to approve the amended agenda, as presented. The item added to the agenda was Bid Results – Treasurer’s Bond.  Motion passed by voice vote.





Dr. Tracy Morris reported on the Running Start Program which is an option whereby qualified Marquette Academy juniors and seniors may earn an Associate’s Degree from Illinois Valley Community College concurrent with a high school diploma.  This is an extremely rigorous program and the student must be committed to complete the program. Having a structured program, support of counselors at both institutions, the need for faculty at the high school to meet the Dual Credit Quality Act standards, awareness of the impact of a rigorous curriculum on multiple areas of the school and communication between the high school and the college are important to the success of the program. Marquette Academy’s first successful completer of the Running Start Program is on track to complete both the Associate in Art and Associate in Science degrees in May 2013.   This is a pilot program and the College is currently having discussions about expanding this program to another pilot school.  Dr. Morris reported on the unique partnership with Lincoln College-Normal whereby a bachelor’s degree is brought to the IVCC campus.  The Program offers bachelor degree options in business, health services administration, liberal arts, and criminal justice.  Lincoln College-Normal provides a site coordinator on the IVCC campus Monday through Friday.  The format for the Accelerated Bridge to Education Program (ABE) allows students to complete a bachelor degree at an accelerated pace designed for working adults.  Students take one course at a time, meeting one evening per week for a five-week period.  This allows students to complete up to 27 credits per calendar year toward their bachelor’s degree requirements.  Beginning this fall Lincoln College will offer two capstone degrees geared toward students who have previously received an Associate’s in Applied Science degree – Bachelor’s degree in Applied Management in Entrepreneurship and a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Science in Organizational Leadership.  Recently a memorandum of understanding has been signed whereby full-time IVCC employees will receive a 20 percent reduction on their tuition at Lincoln College.  Lincoln College will host a fall open house on Thursday, August 30 from 3 – 6 p.m. on the IVCC campus.  Dr. Morris noted that Phi Theta Kappa, the International Honor Society for two-year colleges, is encouraging students to “Commit to Complete” their associate degree.  Activities are being planned throughout the year to accomplish this initiative.



It was moved by Dr. Huffman and seconded by Dr. Driscoll to approve the consent agenda as presented. Motion passed by voice vote. 


The following items were approved in the consent agenda:


Approval of Minutes - July 17, 2012 Board Meeting and August 9, 2012 Audit/Finance Committee Meeting.


Approval of the Bills - $1,421,216.04

Education Fund - $1,111,818.45; Operations and Maintenance Fund - $61,184.03; Auxiliary Fund - $142,204.81; Restricted Fund - $67,785.30; Audit Fund - $12,500; and Liability, Protection and Settlement Fund - $25,723.45.



Treasurer’s Report



Approved the stipends for the pay periods ending July 14, 2012 and July 28, 2012.


Request to Purchase – Radio Advertising Contracts

Approved to expend $66,163 for annual radio advertising contracts for fiscal year 2013 from NRG Media, LaSalle County Broadcasting Corp., The Radio Group, and WZOE, Inc.


Request to Purchase – Fuel for Truck Driver Training Program

Approved to expend an estimated $41,000 for fuel for the Truck Driver Training Program from Sapp Bros., Peru, Illinois and Flying J, LaSalle, Illinois.


Consortia Purchases – Janitorial Supplies and Elevator Maintenance

Approved to purchase janitorial supplies from Interline Brands, Inc., d/b/a AmSan, Peoria, Illinois, at an estimated annual cost of $40,000 through the Illinois Public Higher Education Cooperative (IPHEC) and elevator maintenance services from ThyssenKrupp Elevator Corporation, Peoria, Illinois, though Horizon Resource Group at an annual cost of $17,443.56.


Bid Results – Printing Supplies

Accepted the bid from Smart Group Systems for printing supplies in the amount of $34,168.



Dr. Corcoran reported the July 25 licensed practical nurse pinning ceremony was held in the gym rather than the cultural centre and it was very well done thanks to the planning and oversight by Dean Bonnie Campbell and the nursing faculty. He thanked Dr. Driscoll, Mr. Mallery, and Student Trustee Britney Burkart for attending on behalf of the Board of Trustees and the 24 graduates.


Regarding a construction update, precast panel installation is complete and interior caulking has begun. Insulation of precast panels has also begun. Roofing has been underway for two weeks. Masonry work will begin this week. Construction of stairs between stories will begin in approximately two weeks. Phase 2 asbestos abatement should begin soon and work by the general contractor on Buildings 5 and 10 and the Maintenance Building will begin in mid-to-late September. Geothermal field site preparation for landscaping has begun. Pond excavation has resumed and the trench by the softball field has been filled in and leveled.


The response to an aggressive outreach campaign has been very satisfying: 240 employers across the district agreed to allow IVCC posters to be displayed at their business sites, nine of the 18 scheduled presentations regarding the value of higher education have been made, and 28 students have entered into financial aid contracts and enrolled in 301 credit hours.


The new student convocation held Friday, August 17 was well received by approximately 378 students. The Convocation Committee made up of Tracy Morris, Sue Isermann, Mark Grzybowski, Chris Herman, Jeff Anderson, Carey Burns, Connie Skerston, Danielle Stoddard, Dawn Watson, Fran Brolley, Jenna Stinson, Jennifer Sowers, Kim Stahly, Linda Hawkins, Robert Mattson, Sandy Beard, Norman Engstrom, Betsy Klopcic, Cory Tomasson, Francie Skoflanc, Nora Villarreal, Melissa Killian, and Renee Prine should be commended for a job well done.  Beyond these fine individuals, there were a number of faculty who volunteered for breakout sessions; student ambassadors who handed out programs, ran tours and assisted students in the hallways; and Learning Commons’ personnel who provided computer tutorials. There was also a number of employees who set up tables in the courtyard during the student picnic showcasing the many programs and support services the College has to offer such as peer tutoring, career services, Student Government Association, Project Success, IVCH, BPART, PTK and the “Commit to Complete” campaign. Overall, it was a great effort and Dr. Corcoran thinks the staff really set the tone for new students by showing that not only is the College a high quality teaching and learning institution, but also a college that embraces its core values.  Spirit Day is scheduled for September 12th.


This year’s 21st Century Scholars dinner will be held at 5:30 p.m. on August 30 at Starved Rock. There are 32 members of the 21st Century Scholars Society.  If anyone is interested in joining, they are to contact Fran Brolley, Director of Community Relations and Development.


Professor Francie Skoflanc has announced that one of her students, Helen E. Krieger, has won second place in the Graphic Arts Education and Research Foundation 2012 Postsecondary Student Design Competition. Helen’s work will be featured in a special display at the GRAPH EXPO 2012 Conference to be held at McCormick Place October 7-10 and she will receive a check for $1500 from the Graphic Arts Education and Research Foundation (GAERF). Dr. Corcoran congratulated Helen Kreiger on her fine work and Francie Skoflanc for the well-deserved recognition of the Graphic Arts program.


The latest issue of NJCAA Review recognizes two IVCC outstanding student athletes for exemplary academic achievement (3.60-3.79 GPA): John Poulakos (3.72 - tennis) and Lauren Senica (3.61 - softball). Dr. Corcoran congratulated the student athletes for their recognition and the coaching staff for emphasizing the importance of academic success.



Dr. Huffman, chair of the Audit/Finance Committee, reported on the August 9 meeting.  The committee reviewed the bid results for the property/casualty and workers’ compensation insurance.  The committee’s views were reflected in the administration’s recommendation as presented in the board book which the board will take action later in the meeting.  The committee also reviewed a list of change orders that have been approved by the Capital Development Board (CDB).  Approximately 20 percent of the project has been paid and the change orders reflected 5 percent of the contingency.  The committee was provided samples of three plaques.  The CDB plaque, a plaque recognizing past board members, past student trustees, administration, faculty and staff and former Senator Dahl and Representative Mautino, and a plaque explaining how the new building came about and the support received from Senator Dahl and Representative Mautino.  The recommendation of the committee was to go with two plaques - the CDB plaque and the plaque recognizing former board members, past student trustees, administration, faculty and staff and former Senator Dahl and Representative Mautino.



It was moved by Dr. Huffman and seconded by Dr. Driscoll to adopt the FY2013 Budget, as presented.

Roll Call Vote:  “Ayes” – Ms. Olivero, Dr. Driscoll, Dr. Huffman, Mr. Mallery, and Mr. Thompson. “Nays” – None, motion carried.



It was moved by Ms. Olivero and seconded by Dr. Driscoll to accept the proposal for property/casualty insurance from Mesirow Financial and workers’ compensation insurance from Kuhl & Company for total premiums of $316,675. Even though the proposal submitted by the Illinois Community College Risk Management Consortium was the lowest, it also required a three-year commitment and the Audit/Finance committee was uncomfortable with this length of time and no guarantee on the premiums for the second and third year.  By recommending the second lowest proposal from Mesirow Financial/Kuhl & Company ($3,982 less than the Consortium), the risk would be minimized with a shorter duration.  The request for proposal specified one year and the bid from Mesirow Financial/Kuhl & Company was the lowest and most responsible bid.  Motion passed by voice vote.



It was moved by Dr. Huffman and seconded by Ms. Olivero to accept the proposal from Federal Appraisal & Consulting to perform appraisal services of the assets of the Marquis Energy Ethanol Refinery in Hennepin, Illinois at a cost of $25,000 plus reimbursable expenses.  Motion passed by voice vote.



It was moved by Dr. Huffman and seconded by Dr. Driscoll to accept the alternate bond proposal from R. J. Galla through The Hartford for three years at $31,504.  The proposal specifications for the treasurer’s bond was for one year.  R.J. Galla Agency offered an alternate proposal, guaranteeing the rate for either two or three years if the premium is prepaid.  Mr. Mallery questioned whether a notice was provided to the other companies to bid multiple years.  He withdrew his concern when he realized the lowest bid for one year was also from R.J. Galla Agency.  Motion passed by voice vote.



Dr. Corcoran noted this was the first year the business office submitted a Popular Annual Financial Report and it received the highest recognition.  The only other college to receive this award in Illinois is Oakton Community College.  Dr. Corcoran commended Cheryl Roelfsema, Patrick Berry, and their staff for such an outstanding achievement.






It was moved by Ms. Olivero and seconded by Mr. Mallery to convene a closed session at 7:28 p.m. to discuss 1) the appointment, employment, compensation, discipline, performance, or dismissal of specific employees of the public body; 2) pending litigation; and 3) closed session minutes.  Motion carried by voice vote.


After a short break, the Board entered closed session at 7:33 p.m.  On a motion by Ms. Olivero and seconded by Dr. Driscoll, the regular meeting resumed at 8:02 p.m.  Motion passed by voice vote.



It was moved by Dr. Huffman and seconded by Dr. Driscoll to approve and retain the closed session minutes of the July 17, 2012 meeting.  Motion passed by voice vote.



It was moved by Dr. Driscoll, seconded by Mr. Thompson, and carried unanimously to adjourn the meeting at 8:05p.m.