December 20, 2011 Minutes of Regular Meeting

The Board of Trustees of Illinois Valley Community College District No. 513 convened a regular session at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, December 20, 2011 in the Board Room (C307) at Illinois Valley Community College.

Members Physically Present:
Dennis N. Thompson, Chair
Michael C. Driscoll
Larry D. Huffman
James A. Narczewsk

Members Present Telephonically:
Melissa M. Olivero, Vice Chair
David O. Mallery

Members Absent:
Leslie-Anne Englehaupt, Secretary
Brad Cockrel, Student Trustee

Others Physically Present:
Jerry Corcoran, President
Cheryl Roelfsema, Vice President for Business Services and Finance
Rick Pearce, Vice President for Learning and Student Development
Lori Scroggs, Vice President for Planning and Institutional Effectiveness
Walt Zukowski, Attorney


In the absence of Leslie Englehaupt, it was moved by Dr. Huffman and seconded by Dr. Driscoll to appoint Mr. Narczewski as secretary pro-tem.  Motion passed by voice vote.


Dr. Corcoran led a moment of silence for Mr. Christ Troupis, former IVCC Board member, who passed away on Monday, December 19.  He was a lifelong resident of Mendota and served on the Board from 1966-1971.


It was moved by Mr. Narczewski and seconded by Dr. Huffman to approve the agenda as presented. Motion passed by voice vote.




The campus update was postponed.


It was moved by Dr. Huffman and seconded by Dr. Driscoll to approve the consent agenda as presented with the correction in the November 28, 2011 Planning Committee meeting minutes.

The Paraprofessional Educator Program enrolls a small number of students, but all courses in the program are also required by education majors; therefore, class sizes are good.  There is not a high demand for this degree because schools will hire people without a degree or certificate and train them most prefer to take a test rather than receive a certificate or degree and the test is much faster and not hard.  

Motion passed by voice vote.

The following items were approved in the consent agenda:

Approval of Minutes – November 15, 2011 Board Meeting and November 28, 2011 Planning Committee Meeting

Approval of the Bills - $1,447,671.92

Education Fund - $928,033.66; Operations and Maintenance Fund - $79,554.48; Operations and Maintenance (Restricted Fund) $51,712.64; Auxiliary Fund - $77,397.73; Restricted Fund - $269,153.49; and Liability, Protection and Settlement Fund - $41,819.92.

Treasurer’s Report


Approved the stipends for the pay periods ending November 5, 2011; November 19, 2011; and December 3, 2011

Purchase Request – Utility Vehicle

Authorized the purchase of a Polaris Ranger 800 XP utility vehicle through the Illinois Joint Purchasing Program at a cost of $12,600.

Purchase Request – Automation Studio Version 5.7 Complete Educational Package

Approved to purchase Automation Studio training software from Aidex in the amount of $12,901.25.

Purchase Request – Virtual Desktop Initiative

Approved to purchase a server and View 5 VMware software with support and subscription services licenses, academic version, from Dell Computers for the Virtual Desktop Initiative in the amount of $13,851.31.


Dr. Corcoran reported Dr. Jeff Anderson, dean of humanities, fine arts and social science, recently had an essay published in the online journal Minding the Campus. He also had an article published in the journal Teaching History: A Journal of Methods entitled, “Speak that I may see thee, or, the elements of effective teaching.” Dr. Anderson will also soon be publishing his book The Skinny on Teaching: What you don’t Learn in Graduate School. Dr. Corcoran congratulated Dr. Anderson on all three of his recent scholarly achievements. The book Advancing the STEM Agenda: Quality Improvement Supports STEM will soon be published by ASQ Quality Press, and included in that book will be a chapter by Sue Caley-Opsal, Dorene Perez, Jim Gibson and Rose Marie Lynch entitled “Gender stereotypes persist in middle school students engaged in technical activity.” Sue, Dorene, Jim and Rosie have done a great job of pursuing NSF funding to help build programs that encourage local elementary and secondary school students to consider STEM-related careers. As a result of a paper they presented last summer at a conference held at the University of Wisconsin-Stout, they were asked to contribute to a chapter with “best papers” so Dr. Corcoran congratulated them for this recognition.  Dorene Perez has been advised by the Community College Leadership Consortium that IVCC’s Making Industry Meaningful In College (MIMIC) program has been selected as one of the 10 Bellwether Finalist Winners in the Instructional Programs and Services category. The MIMIC lab will be an area that is planned to be showcased on the first floor in the Peter Miller Community Technology Center.  The College has been asked to compete for the 2012 Bellwether Award by having College representatives attend and present the MIMIC program at the upcoming Community College Futures Assembly on January 30th in Orlando, Florida.  Because the Assembly is targeted to college trustees and administrators, the College has been asked to consider sending faculty and a member of the board of trustees to be a part of the panel making the presentation. Trustee David Mallery has volunteered to represent the board at this event. Sue Isermann has stated that the NSF grant will be able to absorb the cost of approximately $2,000 per person for the three conference attendees. Dr. Corcoran wished the delegation of Dorene, Jim Gibson, and David Mallery well and hoped that everyone returns safely with a first-place award.  Bob Mattson, director of institutional research, recently presented with ICCB staff during sessions entitled, “High School to College Success Reporting: Strengthening Direct Postsecondary Transitions and Aiming to Elevate College Completion” at the Illinois Association for Institutional Research and the Illinois Council of Community College Administrators meetings.  According to ICCB’s Dr. Scott Parke, “Illinois Valley Community College’s efforts to take the High School to College Success Report and use it to promote additional dialogue, discussion, and program alignment initiatives are commendable and widely recognized by our colleagues.”  Dr. Parke also recognized Bob’s fine work with Dr. Rick Pearce on leading sessions at four regional workshops around the state on the HSCS Report.   According to Dean Marianne Dzik, Andy Strickler and Cathi Nelson were guests of Landmark College when they attended Landmark’s Professional Visit Program on December 1 and 2.  Landmark College is located in Vermont and is a two- year college for students with disabilities.  Andy and Cathi visited with the purpose of finding specific ways to assist students with math disabilities.  They will be sharing this information with other math instructors and will be using it as they implement supplemental instruction in the Peer Tutoring Center that focuses on developmental math. Through the Student Success Grant, Marianne Dzik and Adult Ed Coordinator Sara Escatel have organized a series of professional development workshops on such topics as emotional learning, active learning techniques, and brain science as it relates to learning styles.  Dr. Corcoran commended Adam Oldaker, Nora (Lethiot) Villarreal, and Tara (Coburn) Ptasnik on a fine job of organizing this year’s Honorspalooza on December 7th which allowed students in our Honors Program to showcase their capstone projects and orientation plans. The Honors Program at IVCC is going well thanks to excellent faculty and Marianne Dzik’s leadership.  Dr. Corcoran reported that Amanda Cook-Fesperman has completed the requirements for the Graduate Certificate in Women’s Studies at Northern Illinois University.  Dr. Corcoran thanked LeeAnn Johnson and Eric Schroeder for working with PTK students on December 1st on their first attempt at hosting an organ tissue donation program which resulted in approximately 40 individuals registering to become donors. This year’s IVCC Christmas card was created by Amy Decker and Joseph Daniel, two IVCC students in Francie Skoflanc’s graphic design program.  Dr. Lori Scroggs and Dr. Corcoran recently met with Marty Makransky regarding the possibility of having the college work more closely with him on having the Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities (CEO) program for high school entrepreneurs housed at the college. IVCC has a number of resources that could be of great value to Mr. Makransky and his students and Dr.  Corcoran is excited about working together and achieving common goals.  Trustee Dennis Thompson, Dr. Scroggs, and Dr. Corcoran attended the Northwest Regional Trustees meeting on November 16th at Sauk Valley Community College where the focus that evening was on best practices in marketing community colleges.  Dr. Corcoran thanked Fran Brolley, Jeanne Hayden and Reed Wilson for the wonderful job they did in coordinating all of the activities related to the public launching of the College’s capital campaign on November 15th and the groundbreaking on December 8th. He also thanked the Building Trades Council and Labor Management Commission for hosting a very nice reception for everyone after the groundbreaking ceremony. Dr. Corcoran noted Thursday is the annual Holiday Luncheon for employees as well as members of the Board of Trustees and Foundation Board of Directors. He welcomed everyone to attend.


Dr. Driscoll reported the Planning Committee met and Dr. Lori Scroggs and Mr. Bob Mattson presented the AQIP Systems Portfolio and the Feedback Report.  There were no accreditation issues and six strategic issues with opportunities to improve and the team is working on these.  The Higher Education Research Institute (HERI) survey was discussed.  The institutional research department has fundamental issues with the study and the peer groups. The administration will review the value of the study and will then decide to continue or find another survey.  The IPEDS report was reviewed and Dr. Driscoll suggested the Audit/Finance Committee review the demographics on tuition as far as where revenue comes from for the different colleges.  The revenues from IVCC’s tuition are substantially lower as compared to its peer group.  The National Community College Benchmarking Project largely addresses student outcomes.  It produces a large amount of data that the College is actively using to improve student outcomes.  The Program Review Report was discussed.  Programs reviewed were Automotive Technology, Early Childhood Education, Human Services & Substance Abuse Treatment, Industrial Maintenance, Paraprofessional Educator, Process Operations Technology, and Truck Driver Training.  Sections 5 and 6 of the Board Policy Manual have been updated.  Dr. Pearce presented an alternative semester concept for students who are unprepared for college coursework.  The down side is an additional semester for the student, but the positive side of the proposal is the higher probability of the student succeeding.  Discussion continued on how students would be encouraged to sign up for the alternative semester concept.  One suggestion was to waive the tuition for the pilot program and if the results were positive the program could be promoted based on the positive data.


It was moved by Mr. Narczewski and seconded by Dr. Driscoll to adopt the Tax Levy Resolution, Certificate of Tax Levy, Resolution of Intent, Notice of Intent to Increase Tax Levy, and the Certificate of Compliance with the Truth and Taxation Act, as presented.  Motion passed by voice vote with Mr. Mallery voting “no”.


It was moved by Dr. Huffman and seconded by Mr. Mallery to approve entering into a contract with Illinois Valley Community Hospital for an on-site health clinic.  Cheryl Roelfsema reported at the pre-proposal information meeting representatives from St. Mary’s Hospital, Illinois Valley Community Hospital, St. Margaret’s Hospital and the InHouse Physicians from St. Charles, IL were in attendance. Shortly after the meeting St. Mary’s and St. Margaret’s informed the administration they would not be submitting a proposal.  Motion passed by voice vote.


It was moved by Mr. Narczewski and seconded by Dr. Huffman to approve the appointment of Mary A. Black as a laboratory Instructor in Developmental Mathematics assigned to the Division of English, Math and Education, with placement on the salary schedule at Step B-6 - $43,661.  Ms. Dzik noted that Mary Black is not a stranger to IVCC.  She has been a part-time instructor for 19 years in developmental math teaching face to face in the classroom as well as in the math learning center.  She is a part-time instructor who doesn’t just teach and leave.  She is very involved and when she sees a need, she carries it out.  She created the first on-line developmental math course and the first blended developmental math course. She created an on-line orientation for developmental lab students.  She was the Board’s nominee for the part-time outstanding faculty member for the 2010 ICCTA award.  Motion passed by voice vote.


It was moved by Dr. Driscoll and seconded by Dr. Huffman to accept with regret the resignation of Dr. Kathryn B. Kott, Director of Nursing Programs, effective January 6, 2012.  Motion passed by voice vote.


Sections 5 and 6 of the Board Policy Manual were presented for a first reading.  Board members were encouraged to make suggestions.  Mr. Steve Alvin, faculty union president, noted the last sentence in the administrative procedure for Policy 6.11 – Smoking/Tobacco Use [Violations by employees will be noted on the annual Employee Development Plan (EDP).] does not apply to faculty. He suggested working on appropriate language for faculty.  Sections 5 and 6 of the Board Policy Manual will be presented at the January Board meeting for a second reading.  No action was taken at this time.


It was moved by Dr. Huffman and seconded by Mr. Narczewski to approve the following board meeting dates for 2012 and will provide public notice of this schedule.  All meetings will take place at 6:30 p.m. in Room C307, the Board Room, on the campus of Illinois Valley Community College, 815 North Orlando Smith Road, Oglesby, Illinois.

            Tuesday, January 17, 2012                             Tuesday, July 17, 2012

            Tuesday, February 21, 2012                           Tuesday, August 21, 2012

            Tuesday, March 20, 2012                               Tuesday, September 18, 2012

            Tuesday, April 17, 2012                                 Tuesday, October 16, 2012

            Tuesday, May 15, 2012                                  Tuesday, November 20, 2012

            Tuesday, June 19, 2012                                  Tuesday, December 18, 2012




It was moved by Mr. Narczewski and seconded by Dr. Driscoll to convene a closed session to discuss 1) the appointment, employment, compensation, discipline, performance, or dismissal of specific employees of the public body; 2) pending litigation; and 3) closed session minutes.  Motion passed by voice vote.

The Board entered closed session at 7:09 p.m.  On a motion by Ms. Olivero and seconded by Dr. Huffman, the regular meeting resumed at 8:04 p.m.  Motion passed by voice vote.


It was moved by Dr. Huffman and seconded by Mr. Narczewski to continue to retain the minutes of the closed session meetings.  Motion passed by voice vote.


It was moved by Dr. Huffman and seconded by Mr. Narczewski to approve and retain the minutes of the November 15, 2011 closed session meeting.  Motion passed by voice vote.


Dr. Pearce reported that in the past six years the Computer Information Systems (CIS) program has had only four degree completers.  Of the eight CIS courses required in the degree, only three saw any enrollment in FY11.  Only one of these three courses is required for the AAS degree in the Computer Network Administration program.  As a result of low enrollments, the program has experienced several years of net losses.  The administration’s recommendation is to “shelve” the program.  It will then become inactive and if it remains on the shelf for five years, it will be eliminated.  The Board was in consensus to move forward with the plan to make a recommendation at the January board meeting.  Dr. Driscoll was not ready to give up on this program.  He wanted to know if there were other CIS-related programs that the College could replicate and provide a solid technical program.  Dr. Huffman applauded the administration and the faculty in taking a hard look at the programs.  If the College can reallocate resources, it gives the administration the opportunity to look for a need in the community in another field.

Three bids were received for the CDB slope stabilization project.  The highest base bid was $177,800 and the lowest was $101,900 from Len Trovero Construction.  If the base bid, the two alternates, and the ten percent contingency are accepted, the College would exceed the amount available for construction ($114,800) by $4,693.  Steve Halm, suggested the College send a letter stating the College’s approval to go with the low bidder and lower the contingency from ten to five percent and if it becomes necessary, IVCC would make up the difference from its operating funds.  Since it is not on the agenda for the December meeting and to keep the project moving forward, the administration recommended sending the letter to approve the lowering of the contingency and the full Board would act on this item at the January board meeting.  Even if the Board decides not to approve the lower contingency in January, the project would simply come to a halt.  It would be February before a Notice of Award is issued and March before the contractor would receive the Notice to Proceed.  Sending the letter now and having the Facilities Committee and Board approve the matter in January prevents everything from being held up by one month.


It was moved by Dr. Huffman, seconded by Dr. Driscoll, and carried unanimously to adjourn the meeting at 8:20 p.m.  Motion passed by voice vote.