August 26, 2010 Minutes of Regular Board Meeting

The Board of Trustees of Illinois Valley Community College District No. 513 convened a regular session at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, August 26, 2010 in the Board Room (C307) at Illinois Valley Community College.

Members Physically Present:
Dennis N. Thompson, Chair
Thomas C. Setchell, Vice Chair
David O. Mallery, Secretary
Michael C. Driscoll
Leslie-Anne Englehaupt
Larry D. Huffman
David S. Zallis, Student Trustee

Members Absent:
Melissa M. Olivero


Others Physically Present:
Jerry Corcoran, President
Cheryl Roelfsema, Vice President for Business Services and Finance
Rick Pearce, Vice President for Learning and Student Development
Lori Scroggs, Vice President for Planning and Institutional Effectiveness
Walt Zukowski, Attorney


This being the time and place published for a Public Hearing regarding the FY2011 Budget, Board Chair,             Dennis Thompson, called for questions and/or comments from the audience.  Since there were no questions and/or comments, Mr. Thompson called for a motion to close the Public Hearing.  It was moved by Dr. Huffman and seconded by Dr. Driscoll to close the Public Hearing.  Motion passed by voice vote.



It was moved by Mr. Zallis and seconded by Ms. Englehaupt to approve the agenda as presented.  Motion passed by voice vote.






It was moved by Dr. Huffman and seconded by Ms. Englehaupt to approve the consent agenda as presented.  Motion passed by voice vote.


The following items were approved in the consent agenda:

Approval of Minutes – July 22, 2010 Board Meeting.

Approval of the Bills - $1,572,380.63

Education Fund - $918,353.55; Operations and Maintenance Fund - $76,154.33; Operations and Maintenance (Restricted Fund) - $328,491.57; Auxiliary Fund - $162,700.06; Restricted Fund - $76,424.14; Audit Fund - $9,000.00; and Liability, Protection and Settlement Fund - $1,256.98.

Treasurer’s Report


Approved the stipends for the pay periods ending July 17, 2010 and July 31, 2010.

Truck Driver Training Tractor-Trailer Lease Extension

Approved to extend the existing lease with Central Illinois Trucks Leasing Inc. for (2) two tractors and (2) two trailers for (1) one year at $3,637.24 per month.

Consortium Purchase – Rock Salt

Approved to purchase 240 tons of rock salt from Cargill Incorporated Salt Division through the Illinois Department of Central Management Services at $58.16 per ton, delivered for a total of $13,958.40.


Dr. Corcoran reported the fall semester has begun and Bob Mattson, director of institutional research, has reported enrollments in terms of headcount and credit hours are ahead of last year’s pace; however, Dr. Corcoran refrained from getting overly optimistic until the 10th day of the semester passed.  He will report on enrollments at the September board meeting.

Dr. Corcoran reported the grand opening of the Ottawa Center went very well. Anticipated attendees were 50-70 on August 9th and ended up with over 100; planned on 125-150 for the business after-hours on August 10th and ended up with over 165; and didn’t know what to expect in the way of attendance at the open house on August 12th and had approximately 300 show up! Sue Isermann has reported that students and faculty are very upbeat and appreciative of the facility. Overall, this has been a great experience and Dr. Corcoran could not be more proud of the work done by everyone to get to this point.  He thanked the board members who were able to join the events the week of August 9th.


Dr. Corcoran thanked Dr. Kathryn Kott, director of nursing programs and Dean Michael Gorman for their fine work in coordinating the LPN pinning ceremony held on August 23rd.


IVCC signed-off on an exciting new agreement with Lincoln College-Normal  regarding  an Accelerated Bridge to Education program which will offer IVCC alumni with AA, AS, and some AAS degrees the chance to pursue a bachelors degree in business, liberal arts, health services administration, and criminal justice. By attending one class, one night per week for five weeks, Lincoln College-Normal students will be able to earn up to 27 credit hours throughout the calendar year on the IVCC campus.  Dr. Corcoran commended Dr. Rick Pearce on an excellent job of negotiating this agreement and he thanked IVCC’s student trustee, David Zallis, for attending the event signing and representing the Board’s interests.

The new student convocation and spirit day activities were a tremendous success. The committee members responsible for coordinating the program were Jim Stevenson, Tracy Morris, Sharon Barthelemy, Fran Brolley, Christine Dove, Norm Engstrom, Linda Hawkins, Chris Herman, Laura Hodgson, Sue Isermann, Glenna Jones, Missy Killian, Betsy Klopcic, Cindy Lock, Bob Mattson, Merri Mattison, Dr. Elaine Novak, Renee Prine, Linda Thomas, Cory Tomasson, and Dr. Rick Pearce.

Dr. Craig Carter, superintendent of LaSalle-Peru Township High School, notified IVCC that L-P will no longer have a need for using the college’s running track. Gary Johnson, Cheryl Roelfsema and Dr. Corcoran inspected the track a few days ago and will be exploring options as to what to do with it at this point since it’s obviously in need of repair if IVCC were to allow others to use it for organized events.

As a reminder, Highland Community College will be hosting the ICCTA Northwest Regional meeting on Thursday, October 7th. The evening will begin at 5:30 with tours of the new nursing addition and the wind turbine technician training center, followed by a meal at 6:15. As soon as the evening’s program agenda is prepared, Dr. Corcoran’s office will share it with the Board and finalize the list of attendees from IVCC.

Dan Draper, from Chamlin Associates, is working with the City of Oglesby on Illinois Transportation Enhancement Program (ITEP) funds to be used on the construction of a bicycle path linking the College and the City. Mr. Draper has contacted IVCC for support.  A draft of a letter of support was sent to the Board a few days ago and Dr. Corcoran would like to send the letter to Mr. Draper first thing in the morning.  The key would be IVCC’s willingness to provide easements for the off-road path. This was not an action item; however, Dr. Corcoran asked if there were any objections to his moving forward on this matter.  There were no objections from the Board members.

Dr. Corcoran advised the Board that two committee meetings need to be scheduled: (1) the audit/finance committee needs to meet early in October with the auditors in order to receive the audit report and discuss health insurance options, tuition and fees, and matters pertaining to collective negotiations; (2) the facilities committee needs to meet in order to discuss matters pertaining to the art-in-architecture phase of the CTC, the use of capital renewal funds on the slope stability project, and next steps for updating the master plan.

The biology renovation project is nearly complete and the administration is excited about showing it. They proposed an open house to take place at 5:45 p.m. prior to the Board’s next meeting on September 21st.



Dr. Driscoll reported the Planning Committee met on Wednesday, August 18 to discuss the strategic planning process, the Program Review Report, and sections 2 and 3 of the Board Policy Manual.  It was recommended to incorporate the College’s current projects (Ottawa Center, Community Technology Center, partnerships, etc.) into the strategic plan and to highlight upcoming projects into the next cycle.  The main goal is to link the strategic activities to the strategic plan at the discretion of Dr. Scroggs.  The committee reviewed the Program Review Report noting that the Fine Arts, Nursing, and CNA programs had positive momentum, while there were concerns with enrollments in horticulture and marketing.  The committee’s recommendation was to review these programs again next year.  The committee reviewed and discussed sections 2 and 3 of the Board Policy Manual.  Suggested revisions to the policy of nepotism were made to make the policy more restrictive so there are no conflicts of interest or concerns regarding one’s sphere of influence.  Specifically, significant others should not work for their significant other. This was not specifically excluded in the policy.  Since the president of the college and Board of Trustees have influence over the entire college, it would be inappropriate for any family member of the president or Board working at the college. The other policy reviewed was electronic devices.  In the philosophy of reasonable use, such devices could be used for emergencies or significant issues but not for routine issues. These policies will be revised based on the recommendations of the committee.


Mr. Dennis Thompson attended the art-in-architecture committee meeting on behalf of the Board. This committee was developed to meet the Capital Development Board requirement of designating $114,000 for art in the Community Technology Center.  Other community colleges have had similar requirements.  The committee is leaning towards a sculpture outside of the building and incorporating ideas that are a part of the community.  Nothing has been decided at this point.  Mr. Thompson will be attending the ICCTA meetings in Springfield on September 10th and 11th.  He will not be attending the seminar on diversity because it is the same discussion the last four times he has attended.  It is very difficult to obtain qualified candidates for positions and meet ethnic balance. IVCC advertises in a wide variety of publications and believes the human resources department does a very good job.  Board members requested information on the demographics at IVCC regarding employees reflecting the ethnicity of the community.  Included in this information will be the human resources process of advertising for open positions.   



It was moved by Mr. Setchell and seconded by Dr. Driscoll to approve the resolution to adopt the FY2011 Budget, as presented. 

Student Advisory Vote:  “Aye” – Mr. Zallis.  Roll Call Vote: “Ayes” – Dr. Driscoll, Dr. Huffman, Ms. Englehaupt, Mr. Mallery, Mr. Setchell, and Mr. Thompson. “Nays” – None, motion carried.



It was moved by Dr. Huffman and seconded by Mr. Setchell to approve an FY10 transfer of $185,000 from Auxiliary Enterprises Fund – Bookstore to Auxiliary Enterprises Fund – Athletics, and an FY10 transfer of $7,000 from the Auxiliary Enterprises Fund – Food Service to Auxiliary Enterprises Fund – Childcare.  Mr. Mallery opposed the use of bookstore profits to fund athletics.  He stated it was not an issue of athletics but the fact that all students are funding athletics for just a few students.  Mr. Setchell suggested with declining state revenues, there is a need to look at the athletic program again in the best interest of the students and taxpayers.  Dr. Huffman stated with the recent letter received by the Illinois Community College Board requiring IVCC to increase tuition and fees to qualify for equalization funding, the administration may want to consider dedicating the increase to the athletics and childcare programs, thus eliminating the transfers.  Motion passed by voice vote with Mr. Mallery opposed.



It was moved by Dr. Driscoll and seconded by Ms. Englehaupt to authorize the administration to seek proposals for an online academic catalog management solution at an estimated cost of $40,000.  With the electronic version of the catalog, the quantity of printed catalogs would decrease significantly.  It was estimated that the number of printed catalogs could be reduced by one-half to two-thirds.  Board members were pleased, but some were hesitant of totally eliminating the printed catalog for those who prefer hard copy.  It was noted at least two vendors could meet the specifications with the possibility of more.    Motion passed by voice vote.



It was moved by Dr. Huffman and seconded by Mr. Setchell to accept the recommendation from the insurance consultant to renew all coverage with the same carriers at $327,308.  There was a large increase in the Workers’ Compensation premium.  The administration is pursuing the claims for resolution and also making a sincere effort to prevent accidents.  Motion passed by voice vote.



It was moved by Dr. Huffman and seconded by Dr. Driscoll to approve the termination of Billie Van Duyne, Steve French, and Patrick Goggins as of August 1, 2010 and John Warren as of October 1, 2010 due to the termination of the agreement between IBEW and IVCC to provide instruction for the apprenticeship and training program. Motion passed by voice vote.



It was moved by Mr. Mallery and seconded by Dr. Huffman to approve the appointment of Scot L. Allen as Emergency Medical Services Instructor and Program Coordinator in the Division of Health Professions, with placement on the salary schedule at Step A-8, $44,541 as per the three-year agreement between the Board of Trustees and A.F.T. Local 1810.  Dean Michael Gorman spoke of Mr. Allen’s twenty years of experience as a firefighter and paramedic, an Emergency Medical Services Manager with the Illinois College of Emergency Physicians, and experience as a public educator.  Mr. Gorman welcomed Mr. Allen as a member of the Health Professions division. Motion passed by voice vote.



Dr. Driscoll shared an encounter he had with Professor Larry Ault.  Mr. Ault had just recently returned from an NSF education seminar during the summer and was excited to tell Dr. Driscoll what he had learned.  Mr. Ault couldn’t wait to use the new teaching techniques with his students in the fall.  Dr. Driscoll stated passion in teaching is the primary mission of the College and he hopes the passion that Mr. Ault has will fill all the classrooms.

Mr. David Zallis reported on the first meeting of the Student Government Association in which fundraising activities for the year were discussed.  He served as an ambassador for the new student convocation and was excited over the success of spirit day.  He also attended the grand opening of IVCC’s disc golf course and a student leadership meeting through the TRIO program.   He noted the administrators of the TRIO program are very caring and deserve a tremendous amount of recognition.



It was moved by Ms. Englehaupt and seconded by Mr. Setchell to convene a closed session to discuss 1) appointment, employment, compensation, discipline, performance, or dismissal of specific employees of the public body; 2) imminent litigation; and 3) closed session minutes.

Student Advisory Vote:  “Aye” – Mr. Zallis.  Roll Call Vote: “Ayes” –Dr. Driscoll, Dr. Huffman, Ms. Englehaupt, Mr. Mallery, Mr. Setchell, and Mr. Thompson. “Nays” – None, motion carried.


The Board recessed at 7:42 p.m.  The Board entered closed session at 7:52 p.m.  On a motion by Dr. Driscoll and seconded by Dr. Huffman, the regular meeting resumed at 8:20 p.m.

Student Advisory Vote:  “Aye” – Mr. Zallis.  Roll Call Vote: “Ayes” –Dr. Driscoll, Dr. Huffman, Ms. Englehaupt, Mr. Mallery, Mr. Setchell, and Mr. Thompson. “Nays” – None, motion carried.



It was moved by Ms. Englehaupt and seconded by Mr. Zallis to approve and retain the closed session minutes of the Closed Session meeting of July 22, 2010.  Motion passed by voice vote.



Dr. Corcoran reported he had just received a letter from the president of the Local 1810 Illinois Federation of Teachers to begin negotiations for the Sheridan Correctional Center.  The College has not received the 2011 contract from the Illinois Department of Corrections.  In the interest of time, Dr. Corcoran requested the two groups begin meeting.  The Board was in consensus for them to begin negotiations.


Dr. Corcoran received a letter from Donald Aleksy, Director of Economic Development for the City of LaSalle, to see if the College would be interested in administrating enterprise zones.  Dr. Corcoran appreciated the offer but the College does not have the time or the personnel to handle this commitment.  The Board was in agreement and Dr. Corcoran will respond to Mr. Aleksy.



It was moved by Dr. Driscoll, seconded by Dr. Huffman, and carried unanimously to adjourn the meeting at 8:32 p.m.  Motion passed by voice vote.