September 9, 2009 Minutes of Planning Committee Meeting

The Planning Committee of the Board of Trustees of Illinois Valley Community College District No. 513 met at 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, September 9, 2009 in the Room C307 at Illinois Valley Community College.

Committee Members Physically Present:
Michael C. Driscoll, Committee Chair
Leslie-Anne Englehaupt
Larry D. Huffman

Others Physically Present:
Jerry Corcoran, President
Cheryl Roelfsema, Vice President for Business Services and Finance
Lori Scroggs, Vice President for Planning and Institutional Effectiveness
Cathy Bangert, Director of Institutional Research
Greg Oseland, Instructor


The meeting was called to order at 5 p.m. by Dr. Driscoll.



Members of the committee received the Measures & Targets With FY09 Results for Key Performance Indicators and the 2009 Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE) Results.  There are nine Key Performance Indicators:  1) Student Academic Success; 2) Placement of Graduates in Employment or Continuing Education; 3) Service Excellence; 4) District Population Served; 5) Fiscal Responsibility/Affordability; 6) Job Satisfaction; 7) Professional Development Opportunities for All Employee Groups; 8) Utilization of Technology for Teaching and Learning; and 9) Diversity Awareness.  The development of the measures and targets for the KPIs is the product of work of an action project team.  The team has developed a process for the identification of gaps, development of new performance measures and targets as needed, and the integration of these procedures into the College’s strategic planning process.  Each KPI links to a strategic goal and AQIP category.  Committee members were impressed with the work on the KPIs and noted that the KPI concept is great and a wonderful way to continuously improve.  The committee will apply the same KPIs for the current year and then follow the process developed for identifying new indicators. 



CCSSE is a national survey specifically designed for community college students to provide information on student engagement as a measure of institutional quality.  CCSSE considers student engagement, or the amount of time and energy that a student invests in educational activities, to be the foundation of their work.  Research indicates that the more connected a student feels to college faculty and staff, to other students, and with the subject matter, the more likely that student will achieve their educational goals.  CCSSE was administered in 2003, 2006, and 2009.  AQIP encourages colleges to collect trend data.  IVCC is in the process of analyzing the results.  The sharing of the results will be a good stimulus for discussion and will provide ideas and opportunities for improving the college’s processes and relationships with students. 



It was the practice of the administration to review a section of the Board Policy Manual every other month and bring revisions to the Board for approval.  In the past few years, this process was pushed aside and discussion centered around developing a new manual and possibly incorporating administrative procedures into the policy manual.  Lincoln Land was identified as a good model.  Dr. Corcoran would like to begin reviewing the first section, bring revisions to the Board for approval, and incorporate administrative procedures related to the policies. The committee was supportive of this idea, but wanted the full board to be aware of it.


The meeting adjourned at 5:59 p.m.