February 27, 2008 Board Meeting Minutes

The Board of Trustees of Illinois Valley Community College District No. 513 convened a regular session at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, February 27, 2008 in the Board Room (C307) at Illinois Valley Community College.

Members Physically Present:
David L. Wilcoxson, Board Chair
Dennis N. Thompson, Vice Chair
Lori E. Scroggs, Secretary
Paula J. Endress
David O. Mallery
Elizabeth Kunkel, Student Trustee

Members Absent:
Thomas C. Setchell
Deborah L. Sweeden

Others Physically Present:
Dave Louis, Interim President
Jerry Corcoran, Vice President for Business Services and Finance
Bob Marshall, Vice President for Student Services
Sue Isermann, Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs
Walt Zukowski, Attorney

The meeting was scheduled to begin at 6 p.m.  For lack of a quorum, the Board attended a dinner honoring the faculty being recommended for tenure and began the meeting at 7 p.m.



It was moved by Dr. Scroggs and seconded by Mrs. Endress to approve the agenda. Motion passed by voice vote.



It was moved by Dr. Scroggs and seconded by Mrs. Endress to approve the tenure status of Vince Brolley, psychology instructor; Marjorie Francisco, nursing instructor; and Eric Schroeder, environmental biology instructor.  Tenure recommendations were based upon - teaching performance, contributions to the college and community, and professional involvement.  Motion passed by voice vote.


Jamie Gahm, Director of Continuing Education and Business Services and liaison for AQIP presented an update. AQIP is the method of attaining accreditation and Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) is a critical component which everyone must embrace.  IVCC is currently maintaining the systems portfolio and updating action projects to address the AQIP categories.  Recently, IVCC completed the systems portfolio and attended the strategy forum and will be getting ready for a check-up visit and the reaffirmation of accreditation.  Dr. Louis acknowledged Jamie Gahm’s hard work of coordinating AQIP in addition to her other responsibilities.  Dr. Louis also stated that the Board may be approached on the idea of a CQI position whose responsibilities would be to lead and oversee the CQI efforts and process.   IVCC is a very complex institution as to all the activities attempting to be accomplished.  This position would be extremely important to the institution in keeping IVCC focused on CQI.


It was moved by Mrs. Sweeden and seconded by Mr. Thompson to approve the consent agenda as presented.  Dr. Louis requested item 8.10 be removed from the consent agenda and not be considered at this time.  Motion passed by voice vote with item 8.10 being removed.


The following items were approved in the consent agenda:


Approval of Minutes –Board minutes of the January 16, 2008 Meeting; January 15, 2008 Board of Trustees Facilities Committee Meeting; January 16, 2008 Board of Trustees Audit/Finance Committee Meeting.


Approval of the Bills - $1,547,624.46Education Fund - $983,111.36; Operation and Maintenance Fund - $219,972.23; Operation and Maintenance (Restricted Fund) - $40,819.41; Auxiliary Fund - $213,793.53; Restricted Fund - $77,195.10; Liability, Protection and Settlement Fund - $12,732.83.


Treasurer’s Report



Approved the stipends for the pay periods ending January 12, 2008; January 26, 2008; and February 9, 2008 as presented.


Authorized the College to officially notify the Sheridan Correctional Center instructional and academic support staff (Harry Bell, Jr., Ken Carothers, Jerry Christenson, Bruce Markwalter, Mary Neps, Janice Sharp, Keith Stevenson, Steve Swett, and Mark Woodward) of the Reduction in Force.


Bid Results – Vertical Milling Machine

Accepted the bid in the amount of $14,155.00 from Arthur Machinery, Inc. – Elk Grove Village, Illinois for an ACRA, AM2J Vertical Milling Machine.


Bid Results – Aerial Work Platform

Accepted the bid in the amount of $8,649.00 from Area Rental & Sales, Inc. of Cherry Valley, Illinois for a Genie, Model AWP-405AC.


Bid Request – Articulating Boom Lift

Authorized the Business Office to seek bids for a pre-owned, articulating boom lift at an estimated cost of $25,000.

Bid/Purchase Request – Carpet

Approved the purchase of 1,076 square yards of Lee Carpet tiles and 22 rolls of Permalink adhesive at the cost of $30,086 through the Illinois Community College System Procurement Consortium.


Authorized the Business Office to seek bids for the installation of an approximated 978 square yards of carpet tiles at an estimated cost of $14,500.


Articulation Agreements for Tech Prep Dual Credit

Approved the articulation agreements with Starved Rock Associates for Vocational and Technical Education for dual credit in Computer Aided Engineering and Design (Drafting), Business/Computers (Keyboarding), Business/Computers (Microsoft Office I), and Welding.


Technology Plan Purchase:  Computer Lab UpgradesApproved the purchase of 100 computers and 5 laptops from Dell in the amount of $88,778.75.


Dr. Louis passed around a picture of Elizabeth Kunkel with Representative Ray LaHood and Senator Dick Durbin taken when she attended the 2008 Community College National Legislative Summit in Washington, D.C. in February.  It was noted over 1200 IVCC students benefited from over $1 million from the Illinois Student Assistance Commission grant program.  Application deadline for the IVCC Foundation scholarships is Friday, February 29.  Over $100,000 will be available to worthy students.  Dr. Louis referred to a potential agreement with Exelon that was presented to the Board for information only.  Dr. Louis is hopeful that the administration will be recommending a final agreement at the March Board meeting.  Dr. Louis noted that the Department of Corrections contracts with nine community colleges to provide educational programs to inmates.  The Illinois Community College Presidents have joined together and have written a letter seeking support from legislators to provide additional funding for educational services provided to correctional institutions through community college programs.



Elizabeth Kunkel reported on her attendance at the 2008 Community College National Legislative Summit.  She noted that although everyone in attendance came from different backgrounds, they all had the same issues - capital funding, Pell grants, financial aid, textbook prices, etc.  Ms. Kunkel thanked the Board for giving her the opportunity to represent IVCC.  She distributed agendas and minutes from the Student Government Association and the College Student Mental Health paper which was originally written after the Virginia Tech incident, but brought up again in light of the Northern Illinois University incident.  The Illinois Board of Higher Education Student Advisory Committee is working on the Illinois University Sustainability Compact.  Quite a few community colleges have signed on to this agreement.  Ms. Kunkel will be sending a link to the Board members for their review.  She also reported on a student lobbying group which has supported a textbook bill that has been brought to the House and Senate regarding bundling, disclosure of the ISBN# and identifying the books needed before the class starts.  Ms. Kunkel reported the IVCC Beautification Committee has made the decision to purchase a ticket booth to be located in the Cultural Center.  The Student Trustee website is up and linked to the Board page and Student Government page.


Mrs. Endress attended the luncheon honoring Bill Taylor as IVCC’s 2008 Distinguished Alumnus Award nominee and commended the Foundation on the nice program and Dr. Louis’s comments.  Mrs. Endress thanked Mr. Taylor for his philanthropy to the College and his generosity in donating additional scholarship monies.  She stressed the importance of continuing this tradition. 


Mr. Wilcoxson serves on the ICCTA Awards Committee and will be meeting soon to select the ICCTA 2008 Award winners.



It was moved by Mr. Thompson and seconded by Dr. Scroggs to adopt the resolution designating the fiscal year be from July 1, 2008 to June 30, 2009; adopt the resolution designating Dr. David Louis as the District’s officer appointed to prepare the tentative budget; and approve the budget calendar as presented.  Motion passed by voice vote.



It was moved by Mrs. Endress and seconded by Dr. Scroggs to increase tuition by $2.00, from $58.50 to $60.50 per credit hour beginning with the summer 2008 semester; increase tuition for students enrolled in Early Entry College (E2C) courses from $29.25 to $30.25 per credit hour; and adjust 111 course fees as presented per the College’s Course Fee Guidelines. 


Mr. Mallery was concerned about the course fees because this area impacts the students the most because course fees are not covered by financial aid.  He spoke against the tuition increase because the College is still in the 85% threshold and he would like to hold out and make the State force IVCC to increase the tuition.


Mr. Wilcoxson stressed the fact that the Board has not raised tuition in the past to stay within the 85% State average for equalization.  The need to raise tuition is to keep the budget balanced.  With this $2 increase, there is a deficit budget and the College will be operating in the deficit by not levying for Tort.  The College will use the Tort surplus.  The College’s tuition is going to have to increase because of increasing costs and not receiving a great influx of money from the State. 


Dr. Louis stated the College is at the 1993 inflation adjusted levels from the State.  Equalized assessed valuation has not gone up much and yet the College is at the third lowest tuition rate in the State of Illinois.  The College has looked at ways to save the students money by textbook rental, Foundation scholarships, MAP awards, and academic scholarships.   


Motion passed by voice vote with one “nay” vote by Mr. Mallery.



It was moved by Dr. Scroggs and seconded by Mrs. Endress to approve the creation of a full-time Custodian position for the Facilities department as presented.  Three custodians are currently on leave – one is on workers compensation, the other two are out on medical leave.  The three positions have been filled by Manpower which worked at the beginning, but the College has started feeling the affects of temporary vs. permanent.  The administration is concerned with the appearance of the College and the fairness to the rest of the custodial staff.  When the custodial person on workers’ compensation reaches maximum medical improvement, it is expected this person will retire.  This new position would slide into that permanent position.  Therefore, the approval of this position will not add to the headcount of the custodial department.  Mr. Mallery expressed concern over the additional cost of a full-time custodian vs. the current Manpower usages.   Motion passed by voice vote with one “nay” vote by Mr. Mallery.



It was moved by Mr. Thompson and seconded by Dr. Scroggs to approve the sabbatical leave for Jeff Fesperman for the academic year 2008-2009, said leave to be governed by the conditions stipulated in the agreement between the American Federation of Teachers Local 1810 and the Board of Trustees of Illinois Valley Community College District No. 513.  Mr. Fesperman is requesting a full year sabbatical but will be teaching on-line classes half time.  This is a hybrid request, but has been approved in the past.  This is the only sabbatical request for next year.  Motion passed by voice vote.



It was moved by Mr. Mallery and seconded by Mr. Thompson to approve the capital project application form for a New Parking Lot as presented.  Motion passed by voice vote.



It was moved by Mr. Thompson and seconded by Mrs. Endress to approve the capital project application form for the construction of a Truck Driver Training Building as presented.  In previous discussions it was decided to increase the size of the Truck Driver Training Building from 600 sq ft. to 3,300 sq. ft. to include everything in the Truck Driver Training Program into this building.  Motion passed by voice vote.



It was moved by Mr. Thompson and seconded by Dr. Scroggs to approve the capital project application form for the Revised Repair/Replace Roads and Paving East Campus as presented.  Motion passed by voice vote.



It was moved by Dr. Scroggs and Mr. Thompson to accept the Proposal for Trust Account services from Citizens First National Bank.  Motion passed by voice vote.



It was moved by Mr. Thompson and seconded by Mrs. Endress to approve an agreement with the Illinois Valley Chapter of the American National Red Cross as presented.  This agreement would provide a temporary physical facility to be used as alternative office space if the Red Cross’s primary offices were either destroyed or disabled.  Motion passed by voice vote.



It was moved by Mr. Wilcoxson and seconded by Mrs. Endress to nominate Elizabeth Kunkel for the 2008 ICCTA Gigi Campbell Student Trustee Excellence Award.  Motion passed by voice vote.



It was moved by Dr. Scroggs and seconded by Mrs. Endress to adopt the resolution authorizing Zukowski Law Offices to act as the District’s representative and file a request to intervene in the matter of the Crescent Ridge, LLC appeal to the Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board.  The Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board has sent notice to Bureau County regarding a property tax assessment appeal of Crescent Ridge, LLC.  IVCC stands to lose approximately $9,597 for assessment year 2005 if the claim is granted. The Resolution is a formal request for intervention in the appeal.  Motion passed by voice vote.



No comments



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It was moved by Mr. Thompson and seconded by Mrs. Endress to convene a closed session to discuss 1) the appointment, employment, compensation, discipline, performance, or dismissal of specific employees of the public body; 2) collective negotiating matters between the public body and its employees or their representatives; 3) probable litigation; and 4) closed session minutes.


The board recessed at 8:10 p.m.  The board entered closed session at 8:27 p.m.


On a motion by Mr. Thompson, seconded by Mr. Mallery and carried unanimously, the regular meeting resumed at 11:16 p.m.



It was moved by Mr. Thompson and seconded by Dr. Scroggs to not renew the contract of employee #133070 and adopt the resolution to dismiss a non-tenured faculty member.  Motion passed by voice vote.



It was moved by Mr. Thompson and seconded by Mrs. Endress to approve and retain the closed session minutes of December 19, 2007 and January 16, 2008.  Motion passed by voice vote.



It was moved by Mr. Wilcoxson, seconded by Mrs. Endress, and carried unanimously to adjourn the meeting at 11:18 p.m.