November 2007 Board Meeting Minutes

The Board of Trustees of Illinois Valley Community College District No. 513 convened a regular session at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, November 28, 2007 in the Board Room (C307) at Illinois Valley Community College.

Members Physically Present:
David L. Wilcoxson, Board Chair
Dennis N. Thompson, Vice Chair
Lori E. Scroggs, Secretary
Paula J. Endress
David O. Mallery
Thomas C. Setchell
Deborah L. Sweeden
Elizabeth Kunkel, Student Trustee

Members Absent:

Others Physically Present:
Dave Louis, Interim President
Jerry Corcoran, Vice President for Business Services and Finance
Bob Marshall, Vice President for Student Services
Sue Isermann, Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs
Walt Zukowski, Attorney



It was moved by Dr. Scroggs and seconded by Mr. Mallery to approve the agenda. Motion passed by voice vote.



Agenda Item 5.4.1 – Tenure Recommendation – Melissa Killian, Counselor was requested by Mrs. Endress to be removed from the consent agenda to allow comments from her supervisor.


It was moved by Mr. Mallery and seconded by Ms. Kunkel to approve the consent agenda as presented with the removal of Item 5.4.1.  Motion passed by voice vote.


The following items were approved in the consent agenda:

Approval of Minutes –Board minutes of the October 24, 2007 Meeting

Approval of the Bills - $1,135,105.80

Education Fund - $866,149.51; Operation and Maintenance Fund - $133,317.86; Operation and Maintenance (Restricted Fund) - $2,917.60; Auxiliary Fund - $49,583.14; Restricted Fund - $79,372.96; Liability, Protection and Settlement Fund - $3,764.73.

Treasurer’s Report


Approved the stipends for the pay periods ending October 20, 2007 and November 3, 2007 as presented.

Bid Approval – Emergency Call Boxes and Two-Way Radios

Accepted the bid from Future Communications-Peru, IL in the amount of $60,676.57 for the purchase, installation, programming, testing, and training of personnel in the use of emergency call boxes and two-way radios.

Bid Approval – Utility Vehicle

Accepted the bid from Snook Equipment-Peru, IL in the amount of $14,221.95 for the Bobcat 2200 utility vehicle with snow plow.

Bid Approval – Flat and Rolled Steel

Accepted the bid from Kahn & Son-Havana, Illinois in the amount of $10,279.50 for flat and rolled steel for the welding and manufacturing programs.

Technology Purchase – Content Management System

Approved the purchase of the Ektron CMS400 Content Management System for $45,026 plus travel.

 Technology Purchase – Reporting and Analysis System

Approved the purchase and implementation of the iStrategy HigherEd Analytics Data Warehouse for Colleague for $146,500 (including estimated travel expenses).  The administration plans to charge this expense to Fund 05 Auxiliary Enterprises IT Program Account (LaSalle County Contract).

Tenure Recommendation – Melissa Killian, Counselor

It was moved by Mrs. Endress and seconded by Mr. Mallery to approve the tenure status of Melissa Killian, Counselor.

Ms. Juletta Patrick, Dean of Student Development, stated it was very evident that Ms. Killian exemplifies the College’s core values.  She has integrity, is honest and caring about the College, staff and colleagues.  She respects others and has a true passion for fairness and equal justice.  She has a strong knowledge of her job duties and imparts the College’s mission and vision as well as the counselors’ mission and vision.  Ms. Patrick stated Ms. Killian is truly an asset to the counseling center and she was very pleased to be recommending tenure.  Ms. Killian stated it was an honor for her to be at IVCC and she was very grateful for the opportunity to work with the counselors and students. Motion passed by voice vote.



Dr. Louis complimented the entire staff on the Faculty/Staff Enrichment Day held on November 13.  The morning session was dedicated to service excellence to improve the service to the College’s students, within departments, clients, etc.  Dr. Louis was unable to attend but heard it was very successful and the plan is to continue it in the future.  Dr. Louis was pleased to announce that Manuel Gomez, Dean of Humanities, Fine Arts, and Social Sciences, has been selected to serve as a peer reviewer for the Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP).  AQIP is the alternative accreditation process based on systematic quality improvement principles.  The AQIP Strategy Forum is scheduled in January and Dr. Scroggs will be representing the Board on the strategy team.  Jamie Gahm, AQIP liaison at IVCC, will be reporting on the Strategy Forum at the February Board meeting.  Dr. Louis reported the annual holiday luncheon is scheduled for Friday, December 21 at noon in the College cafeteria.  Foundation directors and Board members along with faculty and staff are invited.



Elizabeth Kunkel reported that the ICCB/SAC’s legislative committee is conducting a voter’s registration competition within each community college.  The committee is also promoting the capital funding list in hopes of some movement on the projects and are continuing to increase relationships with legislators.  Ms. Kunkel met with Senator Dahl and Representative Mautino.  An area of concern that the Student Advisory Committee is attempting to address is campus safety.  The Student Trustee from McHenry and Ms. Kunkel are working together on assembling a packet of campus safety information from each community college. The Student Government Association has been volunteering time for the Special Olympics, PADS, Bras for a Cause and trying to increase female involvement in intramurals.  Ms. Kunkel is working on a packet of all SGA agendas and minutes for the semester and will distribute at the next Board meeting.   Ms. Kunkel attended the TIF presentation facilitated by Walt Zukowski at the ICCTA Northwest Region meeting.

David Mallery also attended the TIF presentation.  He found it to be informative and very well received by all who attended.  Mr. Mallery attended the ICCTA meeting in Chicago on Friday, November 9.  He attended the Diversity Committee session and received the results of the recent Quick Survey on minority faculty/staff recruitment methods and college diversity statements/goals/plans.  There was nothing new and no new strategies for direction.   The community colleges are still waiting for much needed dollars from the State.  The Illinois Veterans’ Grant has never provided full funding, but yet Illinois Valley has never turned a student away.

David Wilcoxson attended the Council of Board Chairs.  Trustees can request surveys on various topics.  There is a real concern regarding the cost of textbooks and the number of textbooks required for classes.  College of DuPage sent out information on a textbook swap program.    Danville Community College is working on getting a river boat casino with 50 – 65% of the revenue coming from Indiana.  Some of the resulting state tax revenue would be allocated for capital programs at all Illinois community colleges.  Danville asked for an endorsement from the ICCTA but the trustees did not want to make a commitment before they had time to discuss it.  Three trustees were appointed to a task force to explore the level of support.



It was moved by Mr. Setchell and seconded by Dr. Scroggs to adopt the Resolution Approving a Tentative Tax Levy and Tentative Certificate of Tax Levy as presented.  Motion passed by voice vote.  Mr. Setchell reported the Audit/Finance Committee met and had a good discussion and it was the committee’s recommendation to support the tentative tax levy as presented.  The tax rate is projected to be 36.04 cents per $100 of equalized assessed valuation.  The total tax levy will increase by 4.4% due to the increase in equalized assessed valuation in the district.



It was moved by Mr. Thompson and seconded by Dr. Scroggs to transfer $14,043.26 within Fund 05 (Auxiliary Enterprise Fund) from the Princeton After-School Program to the Early Childhood Center. Motion passed by voice vote.



Mr. Tommy Canale, Athletic Director, presented his goals and plans for the athletic department.  His sole purpose is to see that every student athlete is a student first.  He cannot justify giving a student a tuition waiver and then the student not attend class.  He distributed a strict attendance pilot program for the second semester for men’s and women’s basketball.  The instructor must initialize the tracker sheet every time the student attends class.  The first time a student has an unexcused absence, the student sits out a game.  By the third unexcused absence, the student’s tuition waiver is pulled.  If this attendance program is successful, Mr. Canale would like to institute it across all athletic programs.  Mr. Canale would also like to raise the minimum cumulative grade point average to 2.0 for all sports for both first and second year students for eligibility purposes. The current NJCAA requirement is 1.75.   A study group has been formulated for student athletes to work with peer tutors. An eight year summary of the IVCC softball program was distributed to Board members which included information on grade point averages of each team by year, the current status of student athletes and the degree/certificate completion results at IVCC.  Mr. Cory Tomasson, softball coach, was commended for his thorough report.  Mr. Canale has encouraged his basketball players to do community service work like helping the elderly with groceries.  He invited all Board members to attend the basketball games and passed out schedules, and he has initiated the “Sixth Man Club,” an organization for fans to help promote and support the basketball program.  Mr. Wilcoxson suggested adding soccer and building soccer fields on the IVCC property.  Mr. Canale agreed and he would also like to look at bowling.  Mr. Canale asked the Board to take a serious look at either repairing the current tennis courts or eliminating the sport.  Mr. Canale is also trying to increase the number of participants in intramurals.  Board members commended Mr. Canale’s efforts to improve the athletic program at IVCC.



Mr. Setchell noted the comments from the community on the lack of publicity of IVCC athletic events and stated the Board may need to address this.  Mr. Canale noted there is not always a reporter or photographer at the events, but the coaches turn in all the scores to all the radio stations and newspapers. It is then up to the press to decide whether to print it. Mr. Setchell stated if the students are not attending and not showing interest, the papers are not interested.  The Board needs to decide if it’s worth spending the tax dollars if students are not interested.   Announcements of all sport events are posted on the electronic sign and on the TV in the lobby.  Students have been passing out thunder sticks and schedules.  Mr. Gene Vogelgesang, official scorer at IVCC’s home basketball games, spoke on the history of IVCC’s sports and his disappointment of the diminishing fan participation.  He commended Tommy Canale and supported his efforts.  Mr. Rick Sipovic, father of a student athlete, also spoke at the meeting and expressed his belief that it is not all about winning.  He believes the district has the students to form a core without recruiting from a long distance.  But he also believes the College cannot do it all with in-district students as IVCC plays a very tough schedule.  As far as filling the gym, he believes that is a problem all over even at the high school level.  It is not about how many people in the gym or the number of wins and losses.  A student participating in a sport receives so many other benefits.  Participating with students from different backgrounds is a learning experience and serves the students well.  Mr. Sipovic relayed a message from Lanny Slevin, father of former IVCC students and local sports newscaster.  He expressed his support of the sports program as well as what IVCC has meant to him and his family.  Mr. Thompson understands that the news organizations are spread thin and have limited resources to cover all sporting events in the area.  Reasons for the decline in participation could be the result of an increased number of adult students, students attending night classes or working at night, on-line courses, etc.  IVCC is not the typical resident campus.  Mr. Thompson also expressed his concern over different expectations from different coaches.  Mr. Tomasson stated if the Board requested an administrative procedure for tuition waivers, he would like to see every coach adhere to the same standards.  Ms. Isermann, Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs, has met with Tommy Canale and Marianne Dzik, Dean of English, Mathematics and Education, and supports his efforts.  Dr. Marshall will meet with the coaches and submit recommendations that would cover all sports with minimum grade point averages and attendance.  Dr. Louis stated he received only 13 comments on the athletic program from last month and believes the low number is because the Board made the decision to keep athletics.  Dr. Scroggs asked for some finality in regards to athletics because prolonging the discussion prolongs the uncertainty.  She suggested letting Mr. Canale have the opportunity to show what the athletic program is all about and for the Board to set outcomes such as:  1) establishing a ratio of in-district vs. out-of-district, which maybe different for different sports; 2) for each sport to establish an appropriate target for fundraising; 3) review the tuition waiver policy and how they are awarded; 4) set a reporting cycle.  Dr. Louis suggested a periodic report – quarterly or semi-annually – be sent to the President and forwarded to the Board.  The Board will be considering recommendations from the Athletic staff and possibly making modifications at the December Board meeting.  It was the consensus of the Board that they do not expect to change the tuition waiver and recruitment programs in the near future so that the coaches may begin recruiting based on what is currently in place.



Mr. Wilcoxson noted that audit conducted by the Illinois Student Assistance Commission resulted in no findings.  He commended Steve Crick and his staff.  He also noted that the final construction compliance statements submitted were under budget for all the projects.  The information items were all very well received.



No comments.



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It was moved by Mr. Setchell and seconded by Dr. Scroggs to convene a closed session to discuss 1) the appointment, employment, compensation, discipline, performance, or dismissal of specific employees of the public body; 2) litigation; 3) closed session minutes.

The board recessed at 9:12 p.m.  The board entered closed session at 9:25 p.m.

On a motion by Mr. Setchell, seconded by Ms. Kunkel and carried unanimously, the regular meeting resumed at 9:48 p.m.



It was moved by Dr. Scroggs and seconded by Mr. Mallery to approve and release the first and second paragraphs of the content and approve and retain the third paragraph of the content of the minutes of the August 29, 2007 closed session meeting.  The motion was passed by voice vote.



The Board discussed the purpose of Board committees.



It was moved by Mr. Thompson, seconded by Mr. Mallery, and carried unanimously to adjourn the meeting at 10:12 p.m.