December 2006 Board Meeting Minutes

The Board of Trustees of Illinois Valley Community College District No. 513 convened a regular session at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, December 19, 2006 in the Board Room (C307) at Illinois Valley Community College.

Members Present:
David L. Wilcoxson, Board Chair
David O. Mallery
Lori E. Scroggs
Thomas C. Setchell
Megan Guilfoyle, Student Trustee

Members Absent:
Dennis N. Thompson, Vice Chair
Paula J. Endress, Secretary
Deborah L. Sweeden

Others Present:
Larry D. Huffman, President
Jerry Corcoran, Vice President for Business Services and Finance
Harriet Custer, Vice President for Academic Affairs
Bob Marshall, Vice President for Student Services
Walt Zukowski, Attorney


In the absence of Mrs. Endress, it was moved by Mr. Setchell and seconded by Dr. Scroggs to appoint Mr. Mallery as Secretary Pro-Tem. The motion passed by voice vote.

Dr. Stephen Charry and Dr. Harriet Custer presented on the Academic Blueprint for Teaching and Learning. The purpose of the Academic Blueprint was to strengthen and align the academic culture at IVCC to meet future challenges in teaching and learning. Eight proposals were submitted with four being approved. The four proposals approved by the Academic Blueprint team were Faculty Networking, College Culture Convocation, Experiential Learning, and SOUP (Search, Organize, Use Resources, Produce).

Sharon Barthelemy, Coordinator of the IVCC Career Services, presented an overview of her department. The Mission of Career Services at IVCC is to help current students, prospective students, community members and alumni to develop lifelong career management skills in order to find meaningful employment appropriate to their abilities, aspirations and interests. This is accomplished through career decision-making tools, resumes writing/critiquing tools, tips on the job search process, workshops and classroom presentations, the job fair, etc.

Mr. Mallery requested that Item 5.5 – Compensation Review Proposal-Collegiate Consulting Consortium (John Toller) be removed from the consent agenda.

It was moved by Ms. Guilfoyle and seconded by Dr. Scroggs to approve the consent agenda as presented with the removal of Agenda Item No. 5.5 - The motion passed by voice vote.

The following items were approved in the consent agenda:

Approval of Minutes – Retreat Committee Minutes of August 9, 2006 and September 14, 2006; Board Minutes of November 29, 2006

Approval of the Bills - $1,264,159.93
Education Fund - $804,766.17; Operation and Maintenance Fund - $116,175.27; Operation & and Maintenance Fund (Restricted Fund) - $150,722.04; Auxiliary Fund - $52,874.54; Restricted Fund - $114,958.44; Audit Fund - $4,000.00; Liability, Protection and Settlement Fund - $20,663.47.

Treasurer’s Report

Accepted the resignation of Judith R.Whitley-Hill, Sociology instructor, effective December 19, 2006.

Accepted the resignation of Lora Vasiliauskas, Psychology instructor, effective May 19, 2007.

Approved the stipends for the payrolls ending November 18, 2006 and December 2, 2006 as presented.

Purchase Request – Krimesite Imager
Approved the purchase of a Krimesite Imager in the amount of $14,995.00 from Sirchie Finger Print Laboratories.

Bid Request – Utility Vehicle
Authorized the Business Office to seek bids for a utility vehicle with an option to purchase a snow plow blade at an estimated cost of $14,000.

Bid Request – Summer/Fall 2007 Class Schedule
Authorized the Business Office to seek bids for the Summer/Fall 2007 Class Schedule at an estimated cost of $25,000.

Bid Approval – Forklift
Accepted the bid of $13,600 for the 2000 Daewoo G30 Forklift from Material Handling Services.

Bid Approval – Document Cameras
Accepted the bid of $15,000 from Bradfield’s Computer Supply for (12) Canon RE-455X document cameras.

Bid Approval – 2007-2009 College Catalog
Accepted the offer received by Action Printing for an amount not to exceed $15,386.00

Articulation Agreement – Early Childhood Education
Approved the revised Articulation Agreement between IVCC & SRAVTE in Early Childhood Education effective immediately.

Early Entry College (E2C) Agreement with LaSalle-Peru Township High School
Approved the Early Entry College (E2C) Agreement between LaSalle-Peru Township High School and IVCC as presented.

It was moved by Dr. Scroggs and seconded by Mr. Setchell to accept the proposal received from Collegiate Consulting Consortium (John Toller) for consulting services to include reviewing IVCC’s present compensation and classification system at a cost of $6,000 plus applicable travel costs.

Mr. Mallery’s first concern was if there was a limit to Mr. Toller’s site visits. The response was the administration’s goal is to limit Mr. Toller to one visit. At that time he will meet with the President, Vice Presidents and Task Force to make sure that everyone is on the same page. Mr. Toller will compile his findings, make recommendations, and this report will be presented to the Board of Trustees. Mr. Toller completed a similar process in the late 1990s. Mr. Mallery’s second concern was how the report would be presented – in open or closed session? Dr. Huffman responded that the report will be presented to the Board in open session unless it applies to specific individuals which would then require a closed session. The motion was passed by voice vote.

Dr. Huffman announced that Illinois Valley Community College’s Education Program was selected by the National Association of Community College Teacher Education Programs (NACCTEP) as the December spotlight. This recognition earned IVCC a spot in the NACCTEP quarterly newsletter. Jill Urban-Bollis, Psychology/Education instructor, and Diane Christianson, Early Childhood Education instructor, were pictured in the article.

Ms. Guilfoyle distributed the December 7, 2006 issue of the IVLeader, the minutes of the Student Government Association November 16, 2006 meeting, and the Student Government Association Agenda for the November 20, 2006 meeting. Ms. Guilfoyle will be attending the 2007 Community College National Legislative Summit in Washington, D.C. – February 12-14, 2007.
Mr. Setchell reported he met with the Mayor of LaSalle and discussed the TIF district which includes the Kaskaskia Hotel. Renovations to the Hotel are to be completed by the spring of 2008. The increment from the taxes are to be held by the TIF district. There will not be a make-whole agreement with the College as in the past. Mr. Setchell stated that the property is worth zero dollars to the College now and it is important that the College support this TIF district.

Mr. Wilcoxson urged the members of the Board to read the recent report on the State’s financial situation published by the Civic Committee of the Commercial Club of Chicago. The report stated the State’s liabilities and unfunded commitments exceed it assets by over $100 billion. The State has unfunded obligations for employee/retiree pension and health benefits and currently owes healthcare providers under Medicaid.

Mr. Wilcoxson also reported that he attended the Retirees’ reception held on December 14 in the Fireplace Lounge. It was a great turnout and all enjoyed seeing one another. The retirees are looking forward to a future reception.

Mr. Wilcoxson met with Representative Keith Sommer when he visited the College on December 14. Representative Sommer has two community colleges located in his district and is very interested in the community college system.

It was moved by Mr. Setchell and seconded by Ms. Guilfoyle to adopt the Tax Levy Resolution, Certificate of Tax Levy, Resolution of Intent and Notice of Intent to Levy an Additional Tax, and Certificate of Compliance with the Truth and Taxation Act, as presented. The motion passed by voice vote.

Dr. Huffman referred to Item 9.3. He had sent letters to the all the Mayors throughout the IVCC district to encourage their residents to consider the value of continuing their education and to remind them that IVCC’s spring semester begins January 8. Although Oglesby was the only city to send its action, others may have responded to the letter.

Mr. Mallery referred to the Agenda Item 5.9 - Articulation Agreement with the Early Childhood Education Program and how this agreement would affect the enrollment. Ms. Isermann stated the number of students would be included in the enrollment figures and the College would receive reimbursement. There is no cost to the College, because the instructors are not paid by the College. These agreements create a pipeline where the students attend here and have a head start and then there is hope that the numbers will increase in the years to come. Ms. Isermann stated she will be bringing more agreements to the Board for the occupational programs. This is a market where the students are not thinking about attending College. The courses are at a high rate of reimbursement from ICCB.

It was moved by Mr. Mallery and seconded by Dr. Scroggs to convene a closed session at 8:02 p.m. to discuss 1) the appointment, employment, compensation, discipline, performance, or dismissal of specific employees of the public body; 2) discussion of minutes of closed session
meetings and semi-annual review of closed session meeting minutes. The motion passed by voice vote.

On a motion by Dr. Scroggs, seconded by Ms. Guilfoyle, and carried unanimously, the regular meeting resumed at 8:40 p.m.

It was moved by Dr. Scroggs and seconded by Ms. Guilfoyle to approve and retain the minutes of the November 29, 2006 closed session meeting. The motion passed by voice vote.

It was moved by Mr. Setchell and seconded by Dr. Scroggs to approve the list of Closed Session Minutes as presented. It was recommended that none of the retained minutes be released. The motion passed by voice vote.

The Board received a report on the Intercollegiate Athletics at IVCC. Mr. Setchell requested the administration provide estimated cost savings associated with the recommendations.

It was moved by Mr. Setchell, seconded by Dr. Scroggs, and carried unanimously to adjourn the meeting at 8:47 p.m.