Description of IVCC

Illinois Valley Community College is a two year community college located in Oglesby, Illinois.  It has a total student population of 4000 students.  Eight varsity sports are offered at IVCC.  For men there is baseball, basketball, golf and tennis.  Women there is basketball, softball, tennis and volleyball.  Students interested in trying out for these teams should contact the respective coaches at the beginning of the school year.

Each sport has its own head coach.  Some head coaches may have an assistant coach.  The head coach may help select that person and they must then be approved by the Athletic Director, Vice President of Student Services and the President of the College.



IVCC recreation and athletic fields are a softball diamond and a baseball field.  The gymnasium has two basketball courts with one regulation collegiate size court for varsity games.  The gym is also used for varsity volleyball.  Coaches are encouraged to use any of the college's facilities at any time that it is needed and available.  All equipment and facilities should be maintained by contacting the athletic department (cory_tomasson@ivcc.edu)  when any repairs of maintenance is needed.