Athletic Philosophy - Extra Curricular

At IVCC athletics is just as important as any aspect of the curriculum.  Athletics should not be viewed as a frill or window dressing for the school because, in reality, it serves as an integral part of the learning process.

There are intangible values in athletics that cannot be measured by digits on the scoreboard.  We strongly feel that athletic competition does many things to prepare an individual for their life ahead.  One intangible is that athletics teaches a player to discipline themselves; second, athletics develops a positive winning attitude; and third, athletics stimulates teamwork and cooperation.  I cannot think of an occupation or walk of life that does not require the aforementioned intangible values.

These values are learned not only by the athletes, but also by the managers, student body and community.  We try to involve as many people with the team as possible.  One major point to emphasize is that the players are representing not only our student body and College but also our surrounding communities.

The influence athletes can have on younger girls and boys is of the utmost importance and we will talk about this often during the season.  Our players must know how to conduct themselves on and off the floor.

In closing, we can sum up IVCC philosophy of athletics by stating that we honestly believe the word "extra-curricular" is a misnomer - athletics is indeed a very important part of the curriculum.