IVCC-LPO Hall of Fame 2008-14

Catherine Anderson (2009), IVCC 1980, museum curator

Don Baker (2008), Peru Mayor 1965-2009, led city’s business expansion to the north

Hon. Tobias Barry (2008), appellate court judge and state representative who led effort for I-39

Marion Dane Bauer (2008), award-winning children’s author

James Bergagna (2011), 1950 Gold Dust Bowl team, beloved advocate for disabled children

James Blass (2013), IVCC 1975, leads Caterpillar Corporation’s global innovation

Louis Borio (2008), award-winning natural sciences division chair

Ralph Bowermaster (2008), IVCC Foundation director 1983-2011, donor

W. Durley Boyle (2008), IVCC Foundation director, 10-term Putnam County State’s Attorney

Eric Bryant (2010), IVCC 1968, athlete, Hall High School hall of fame basketball coach

Blouke Carus (2013), Carus Corporation Chairman led mid-1960s movement to create IVCC

Elizabeth Cummings (2008), author IVCC 70-year history book, librarian

Gary Dahl (2011), former state senator, IVCC Foundation and community benefactor

William Danley (2008), award-winning reporter and author, IVCC PR director

Dr. Francis Dolan (2008), LPO Director 1946-66, led community college movement in mid-60s

Bernard J. Doyle, M.D. (2010), trauma center pioneer

Harry F. Erlenborn (2008), 70-year American Nickeloid employee and former CEO

William Farley, M.D. (2008), pediatrician delivered 15,000 children

Don Fike (2010), entrepreneur, multi-state senior housing developer

Joseph W. Franco (2009), LPO 1956, medical lab entrepreneur and real estate developer

Lincoln Frost (2014), LPO graduate and renowned 47-year mathematics instructor

Dan Janka (2012), IVCC 1982, President MAG IAS, machine tool manufacturing leader

Richard “Dick” Janko (2012), Illinois Valley economic development, nursing endowment

Carole Caresio Haas (2013), nursing director and leading nursing associate degree advocate

Donald James Haas (2010), athlete and mechanical technology program leader

Dr. Henrietta Herbolsheimer (2008), Univ. of Chicago professor and women’s health advocate

Les Hoensheid (2008), longtime instructor and coach LPO and IVCC

William R. Kaiser (2009), 1950 Gold Dust Bowl team captain, grade school coach

Edward Krolak (2013), highly-respected IVCC English and literature instructor 1969-1994.

Dr. Rose Marie Lynch (2011), award-winning journalism instructor, student newspaper advisor

Dr. Thomas McCormack (2008), first LPO director 1924-32

Dr. E. Glenn Marshall (2009), chemistry instructor

Frank Mautino (2014), IVCC 1982; 11-term State Representative has brought millions in appropriations to IVCC including $22 million for CTC Building

Donald Mayszak (2009), LPO 1955, three-sport star

Donald F. Menne (2010), M-1 Tank developer, engineer

Joseph John Mikyska (2014), 39-year IVCC political science instructor

Peter Miller III (2014), NewsTribune President and philanthropist

Peter Miller Jr. (2014), NewsTribune publisher who advocated for creation of IVCC

James A. Mini, M.D. (2010), LPO 1959, Division I athlete and pediatrician

Dr. Joe L. Mini (2010), La Salle County School Superintendent

Rhonda Morel (2008), IVCC 1980, first woman scholarship athlete (EIU)

Rollie Morris (2008), LPO 1950, athlete and hall of fame Hall High School track coach

Eveyln Moyle (2012), LPO, longtime IVCC librarian, local historian

John J. Pierro, Sr., (2009), developer of B-1 Bomber, inventor, author

Dr. Peter S. Pierro (2009), LPO 1948, professor of education, author, co-founder IL ASCD

Anthony C. Raccuglia (2008), LPO 1955, prosecutor and personal injury attorney

Stephen W. Rigazio (2009), Nevada Power President

Hon. Howard C. Ryan (2008), LPO 1935, Illinois Supreme Court Justice and Chief Justice

Lanny Slevin (2010), hall of fame sports broadcaster

Tony J. Sorcic (2009), former Citizens First National Bank President

Dr. Robert F. Spetzler (2008), LPO 1961, world-renowned neurosurgeon

John Strell (2008), Athletic Director 1946-1976, football and basketball coach

William Strong (2008), Foundation advocate and donor

Helen Taylor (2008), $100,000 bequest led to 1976 founding of IVCC Foundation

William Taylor (2009), LPO 1962, lead partner Deloitte, philanthropist

Dr. R. Earl Trobaugh (2008), IVCC President 1968-74

William “Bill” Vlastnik (2012), LPO 1955, retail and community service

Thomas Walsh (2011), cellular phone pioneer, IVCC theater and community benefactor

Dr. Mary Margaret Weeg (2008), IVCC 1951, renowned English instructor, humanities chair

Malcolm Whipple (2012), agriculture leader, philanthropist, leading Foundation supporter

Dr. Harry L. Wilmot (2008), first LPO Dean 1924-1961

Dr. Alfred E. Wisgoski (2010), longest serving president 1974-1996

1959 LPO JC Basketball Team (2011), region champions and NJCAA tournament qualifier

1976 IVCC Football Team (2014), recognized as ‘the turnaround team;’ finished 6-3, the first of 15-straight winning seasons under Coach Vince McMahon

1979 IVCC Football Team (2010), 11-0, finished third in nation

1987-88 and 1988-89 IVCC Men’s Basketball Teams (2013), ’87-88 won region and finished third in the nation; ‘88-89 team went school-best 30-2 and 14-0 in conference