ABE/HSE and ELA Instructors' Favorite Websites

Animated computerOur HSE and ELA teachers are great at surfing the World Wide Web finding online sites for teaching/learning. While the Adult Education program at IVCC does not directly endorse any of these weblinks, we would like to share with you this list of our instructors' favorites. Please note the different categories HSE and ELA. Have fun exploring ...

HSE ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~Carol Wheeler~
This website addresses the needs of the students from basic math to those who just need to brush up on their skills. Options are given by topic or grade level. I suggest using the menu on the left side of the page to select a topic. A drop-down menu will appear to work on more specific sub-topics. Problems are given and work is scored (but not retained) for the student.  Ex: Select "Fractions" from the left side menu. The sub-menu will then allow you to choose what you want to review from "Fractions - Topics." Click on "Adding Fractions" and multiple options will appear on the screen. "Addition with Unlike Denominators" will show a screen explaining the process and the student can then practice the skill below.

The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation. This is an awesome website for learning the mechanics of language or for a quick review of the basics. You may search for a specific topic and the rules for proper grammar will be presented.  Ex: Search: "commas" Click on the underlined "Commas/Punctuation Rules" and the website will present multiple rules with examples for the correct usage of commas.

Use the search of 143,483,450 lessons to find videos on topics like “fractions” or “algebra,” science topics or history.

~Denise Natt~
Content Area: Language Arts - Writing Summary: Grammar Bytes! covers in depth each type of sentence error [at least 100 sentences of practice with detailed explanations for right and wrong answers]. This website contains interactive exercises, handouts, quick reference tips, and a dictionary of terms. The material contained in the website is beneficial to all levels of ABE/HSE students. Learning Possibilities: Instructors can use this website in a variety of ways to increase the student's understanding of grammar. Adult learners can use the Internet to engage in the interactive exercises. There are handouts provided so learners can keep track of exercises that were completed. Instructors can easily navigate the site to download handouts to support classroom exercises, or send to i-Pathways students via email to support their learning. Using the resources available on this site will help adult learners develop a more secure understanding of basic grammar rules.

~Patti Furlan~
TV411 is a website full of teaching video snippets on Reading, Writing, Vocabulary, Math, Science and Finance. Some are quite humorous, others are more serious, but they are all informative and fun to watch. There is even a section in Español.

ELA ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~Patti Furlan~
U.S.A. Learns. www.usalearns.org/

This site has a great Technology unit that focuses on basic computer skills brush-up as well as a Math and Reading unit.www.gcflearnfree.org

This site pairs people who are learning each other’s language together to practice writing or speaking. You have to register for this one but it is free. It is called Live Mocha www.livemocha.com/

Here is a website that comes on recommendation of a student. It’s called Free Rice. They donate rice to the UN World Food Program for correct answers to the quizzes. This would also be a good site for HSE students because the subjects include art, chemistry, geography, math, English, and languages. You can vary the level of difficulty in each subject. www.freerice.com

~Frank Borkowsky~
I use English grammar websites like these to develop worksheets, quizzes and other handouts. 

I also like to use Google image search for some graphics to use on handouts for class. Also, Word 2007 has a handy translation feature included.

~Sandra Woest~
There are good websites on the IVCC ELA page. www.ivcc.edu/adulted.aspx?id=2984
Another very good site is: www.manything.org and a4esl.org - a4esl.org is actually a link from this site--they're both very good for students to use and practice all skill areas. www.engvid.com is a great site with video snippets of English topic videos.

~Sara Escatel~
For those interested in purchasing a guide written especially for ELA computer users:
Welcome to Computers for ESL Students, Second Edition: Window XP Version includes coverage of Windows XP and Word 2007. It is an easy, fun way to learn the basics of computers for English language learners. Using a highly visual approach, it takes students with intermediate reading skills through the basics of using a computer effectively to perform elementary tasks. Get more information at www.lablearning.com/196-6?category=-102

~Denise Natt~
Thirty-nine episodes take your students through the development of J@M, London’s best-known Web design company. Students follow the progress of Sanjeev, J@M’s newest recruit, as they learn about business language. (Because this interactive was produced by the British Council, the United Kingdom’s international organization for cultural relations and educational opportunities, the pronunciations and spellings at times vary from American English.) This site is interactive and looks like it would be good for intermediate or high intermediate levels. It uses short movies to teach the lessons.

The Workbook for the Longman Photo Dictionary of American English provides meaningful and fun practice to help learners use and retain the vocabulary they learn.

Denise has also contributed a page of websites designed to help non-native English speaking students with translation and understanding of English phrases and words used commonly by native English speakers. ESL idiom website page.